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Transportation/rehearsal dinner question

Hi all--

We're getting married in Ames next spring and are having a hard time finding a place to have a rehearsal dinner.  Do you guys know of a good spot that would fit 30-40 people and be reasonably priced?  Also, we're looking for a party bus that's nice but cheap.  Know of any?

We're planning from a distance and neither of us are from Ames, so these details are particularly hard!


Re: Transportation/rehearsal dinner question

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    I'm getting married in Ames in July and we're planning on using URGE party bus from Des Moines for our transportation. You can look them up online. They're very reasonably priced. I'm  not sure where we're having our rehearsal dinner yet, though.
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    Thanks!  I'll look into them.  Are they charging you extra for the travel to Ames since they're out of Des Moines?  I was hoping to find something in Ames so we didn't have to pay mileage.
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    I currently live in Ames. I'm not aware of any places that do transportation. I would guess that the closest you will find anything is Des Moines. As for rehearsal dinners what are you thinking? Private room? Just going to a restaurant? Are you more of casual people?
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    We're definitely more casual.  We'd like to have either a private room or an area where it's easy for our guests to mingle without disturbing other people who are dining there.  Right now, we're leaning towards Dublin Bay Restaurant--good selection of food, goes along with where we're going on our honeymoon (and we met at an Irish pub!), but we'd have to be on the patio because of the size of the party (35 or so).

    Any other ideas?

    We're starting to figure out we'll have to get transportation from Des Moines.  I checked on URGE and they're still a little higher priced than we wanted to spend, but it may be our only choice.   
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