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Has anyone out there had a wedding a prairie meadows? If so does anyone have any pictures I can see from it? When we booked we did not see hardly any and I just want to get some ideas.

Also, they mentioned that they have some things for centerpieces that we can use. Did anyone use thier stuff if so what did they offer?

My wedding is not until next May and they told me that I will be contacted in October to talk more details with the event planner. I just know from October to May I will be really busy (not just with wedding planning) to be able to work on it much so I would like to be able to make quick informed choices.


Re: Prairie Meadows

  • I am having my reception at Prairie Meadows (and I'm also an employee there). They don't have a lot of photos for their weddings though. I have the item inventory list if you want to see it. Who is your event planner? I can tell you that they do a wonderful job in all of the weddings that I've seen there as an employee. We are getting married next year so we have some time and I'll be more than willing to send you what I got from there if you want it. I hope that this post helps you.
  • Thank you so much! The inventory list would be very helpful. They have not assigned us an event planner yet. This reply was very helpful!
  • For some reason, I can't load up the informaiton that I have to the website. You can call the event center and ask if they have a copy of the items. I know that our event coordinator is Tori and she is the one that sent the list to me. I know for a fact that they have three different sizes of tall cyclinders, hurricane vases, mirrors, fake candles, LED lights in blue, different floors and these really cool chandilier looking things. I'm gonna keep trying to upload the attachments that I have though...sorry I can't be more helpful. I would more than happy to print out a copy for you and mail it out if that would help.
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