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Anyone else have 2nd thoughts about their dress?

I LOVE my dress, don't get me wrong.  But I'm sort of wanting a lace dress now, something I said I was dead set against before.  I want my wedding to be rustic, the reception will be at a lodge in the country overlooking a lake in the fall.  I want my dress to reflect that.

Am I crazy to want to continue looking even though my dress is in and almost paid for?  UGH I'm so indecisive, I shouldn't have bought my dress yet, however, the dress was going to be discontinued and I knew this that's why I ordered it when I did even though my wedding isn't for another couple years.
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Re: Anyone else have 2nd thoughts about their dress?

  • Honestly, I would stop looking.  Once I decided on my dress, I stopped looking at bridal magazines.  It kept me from changing my mind a million times.  So, unless it's in your budget to get a new dress, that's what I'd recommend.

    Waith though... your wedding isn't for a couple of years yet :/
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  • I had second thoughts about my dress pretty much up until the wedding day. I kept looking, not intentionally, but every time I walked in the bridal shop for a fitting I saw something else I liked on display.  I think by the end, I could have worn 10 dresses and still had something else I liked.  Like pp said, unless it is in your budget to get another dress, stop looking. 
  • I had second thoughts about my dress until I had it altered.  I bought it as a sample dress at a blow out sale Schaffers was having.  I too felt pressured to buy it since it was the only one and only that price for a limited amount of time.  Afterwards I wondered if I had made a mistake buying so quickly without having tried on very many dresses.  In the end though, I LOVE my dress-it may not have been what I initially thought of for my wedding dress, but it was perfect.  

    Part of the problem was that it was WAAAAYYY too big when I bought it, so it was a little hard for me to really feel like it was MY dress until I got it properly altered.  Stop looking-it'll just make you go crazy (like I did).  Once you put it on again and get it altered for you, you'll remember why you bought it in the first place :)
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