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LC Photography - Need feedback!!!!

Has anyone used LC Photography lately??  Any trouble getting a hold of her or getting your pics from her after the wedding?? 

Re: LC Photography - Need feedback!!!!

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    If this is the photographer I am thinking of....she is a friend of a friend, and I am considering her also.... Would like feedback.
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    I know her and was going to use her for our wedding. After not hearing back from her and no response from 2 emails and 1 phone call, I booked someone else.  She had given me a free photo shoot as a thank you for a referral, well I have tried to contact her again several times and she has gotten back to me yet.  We were engaged end of April.  I understand her being upset that we didn't use her for our wedding but she gave her word on a photo shoot and flaked out.  So my opinion isn't too high.  
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    I had her as a photographer and it has been TERRIBLE!!!! She never returns phone calls and emails and she still hasn't put my pictures up online and my wedding was 3 months ago. She is awesome when you are with her but once you give her money she is awful to work with. DO NOT use her. She has lied to me several times, changed her phone number 3 times and her email 2 times since I have been working with her. She has broken the contract we signed with her many times and I would NEVER recommend her to anyone.
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