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The Bridal Boutique is amazing (Long Vent)

  Ok, I was still having alot of regrets and uncertainty about my dress. I got it at Schaffers. I called them to find out if I could just come in to try it on again. They said I really didn't need to until a few weeks before my wedding. I explained to them that there were some things I still didn't like about it that they disregarded when I tried to tell them at my last fitting. They finally said that I could come in but didn't know when because they were extremely busy and would need to try and have a seamstress there with me. They just sounded irritated because I "only had 1 fitting left."
  I called the Bridal Boutique, who I bought my bridesmaid dresses from and loved. (I was going to buy the same dresses at Schaffers but Schaffers cost more and they were not willing to price match.) The Bridal Boutique told me I could bring my dress in and have their alterations person look at it and try on others if I still didn't like it. Wow! That was nice of them! I went and got my dress from Schaffers (there wasn't a single person there so ya real busy) and tried my dress on at Bridal Boutique. There was SOOOOOO many things that still needed altered that Schaffers said was fine. It still needed brought in 1inch at butt area. (Which I told Schaffers this but they disagreed.) The bust was horrible. Schaffers had stuffed it with 4 cups to make up for me not having much of a bust. This made me look super fake. All that really needed done was to pin the bust different and cut it down a bit so that it could fit my small bust. The bustle they had done did not look good so they showed me a much better bustle. For some reason Schaffers didn't seem like they wanted to show me any other bustles.
   I tried on other dresses after this at Bridal Boutique and everyone agreed, even the store, that my dress would look great once altered right and I really didn't need to buy a new dress.
   Sorry this is so long and it's kind of a vent but I was just so so impressed with the Bridal Boutique and how kind they were to me that I had to share this with everyone. My dress was a size 14 and Bridal Boutique said I really should have never been sold that dress, being that I am a size 2. They think maybe they just wanted to get rid of the sample. 
    I would really recommend the Bridal Boutique after this experience and not Schaffers. Some people might have had great experiences at Schaffers but I did not after all this. I never had emotional, good feelings about my dress until I saw it pinned at the Bridal Boutique. I can't believe there was so much that still needed done and changed that Schaffers said to leave alone. Thanks for listening if you made it this far. :)

Re: The Bridal Boutique is amazing (Long Vent)

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    That's great you had such a wonderful experience there! That's where I got my wedding dress from! I haven't started any fittings yet (wedding in September) but I hope to add a sash to my dress and otherwise it might need just minor alterations. So hopefully the ladies at the store can help me with adding on something. I'm glad you had a good experience!
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    I'm glad everything worked out for you!!!
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    That is great news!  I am glad everything is working out for you!!

  • milesbellamilesbella member
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    I have to ask - how much are alterations costing you there?

    I bought my dress from a third party and am still looking for the right seamstress.  I looked at The Bridal Boutique and they have an outside seamstress that comes in to them - it sounds pretty legit.

    Anyway, I'd be curious what the alterations ended up costing you ... in comparison to what Shaeffers was charging you.
  • McsweetsMcsweets member
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    We went to the Bridal Boutique this weekend too and she was soooo nice!  I got my dress from Weddings by Design (who were equally amazing) but I completely agree that the lady at the Bridal Boutique was very very nice and willing to go out of her way for anything!

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    I'm so happy things are working out for you.  Nothing can stress a B2B more than her dress being wrong.  I'm sorry you had such a bad experience at Schaffers.
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