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Stress relief

I have been majorly stressing this week/weekend about everything so I was just wondering how you ladies handle stress? Is there something that you eat, do, don't do...I need help! hahaha

Re: Stress relief

  • abja45abja45
    edited December 2011

    Facial!!!!  Make a list if you feel overwhelmed with things to do.  A good break down cry always helps too.  In the end remember you will be married!!!!

  • edited December 2011
    take 1 minute to write down all the good things in your life.

    make a happy box, which consists of anything that brings up a good memory or make u laugh.  i made one for my FI a while back cuz he has so much stress in his life right now and he loves it. he doesn't look at it often, but he says it makes him feel better. it includes pics, objects, printed pics of things on the web.

    ice cream!!! i LOVE ice cream!

    my FI (i spend lots of time with him if i'm at home for the weekend OR i give him a jingle on the cellular phone)

    on the day of my sister's wedding, she told everybody that our other sis was the "bride for the day" and if there were any problems, questions, etc. they should go to her that way the real bride didn't get overwhelmed and could enjoy the day
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    Thanks Abja! I already tried the break down cry...trying a facial tomorrow!
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