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Name Changes

My soon to be husband is adopted and doesn't get along with his parents at all. His parents do not want to be involved or even coem to the wedding....I don't want to take the last name of a family that hates me and doesn't want anything to do with either of us. I am trying to talk my fiance in to taking my last name. My family is loving and close and have taken him in as one of us. I just want to know what everyone else thinks??? Would you take his name?

Re: Name Changes

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    How would you feel if you both kept your own names? Or  what about hyphenating your names? I wouldn't want to take their name either, but it is his name too - how does he feel about it? Even if he doesn't get along with his parents, his name may still be important to him.  I have also heard of a couple coming up with an entirely new last name, though I wouldn't want to do that. Wis I could be of more help!
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    i'm VERY traditional, so i would take his name no matter what.  putting that aside, it's your fiance that your marrying.  you're not marrying his family nor is he marrying yours; they r just a part of the package. don't let nasty family members dictate any decisions u make, which is what they r indirectly doing if u choose to keep ur current last name just cuz u and his family hate each other.  good luck!
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    I'm with Mishy on this one - I would just keep my name and let the FI keep or change his as he wishes.  But then again, I don't use my DH's last name, so I'm not so traditional in that sense anyway... 
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