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Bridal Show today

Does everyone know there is a bridal show today at Embassy Suites on the River in Des Moines? It is from 12-3pm. It's called the Wedding Salon Bridal Show and they are supposed to have prices every 1/2 hour. I don't know if it is free to get in or what but website is  

Re: Bridal Show today

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    Bummers! I missed it! Did you go? How was it?
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    Ya and you really didn't miss too much so don't worry about it. It was cool to see all the vendors and I got an awsome idea for hiring a photo booth, that is if I can get over spending so much on it. Kinda pricey but awsome! they gave goody bags to the first 77 people. Well they ended up with a couple extra so not many went. The goody bag was just filled with advertising and a candy cane. haha. Every half hour they gave out prizes but I didn't like the way they gave them out bc the host would ask you to raise your hand if: (Example): You are wearing a flower in your hair for the wedding...ok now keep it raised if it has a feather on it....ok now keep it raised if your making it.....well the problem with this is there was this one lady that kept her hand raised for EVERYTHING and won most of the prizes. I mean most people were pretty honest....Sorry I am just nagging and venting now. For the most part it was ok....I mostly enjoyed trying all the free catering samples.;) There are more bridal shows to come in January. I will post them when I look up the dates again.
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