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Iowa-Des Moines

Is anyone else...

...not excited about the 14" of snow that we are could get before this storm is over?
I like the snow if I can stay in with a book and a blanket but when I have to go out in it that is when I dislike it so much!

Re: Is anyone else...

  • bassclrnt2004bassclrnt2004 member
    edited December 2011

    We had a no school day, but I would have preferred to go in and teach for a few hours, then get an early out.... and no, I'm not looking forward to a blizzard so early!

    at least there will be a chance for a white Christmas!

  • edited December 2011

    I'm not so excited about it ... our office is moving so we have tons to get done before Thursday night.  I also have to attend a seminar on Thursday so therefore my stuff has to be all packed by tomorrow ... who knows if we will be at work tomorrow!  They have already had an annoucement that we are leaving early AND starting late tomorrow ... we'll see I guess! 

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