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I'm wondering if I can get some suggestions on where to go for hair & makeup in the Des Moines area.  I am on a budget so I don't want to spend a fortune. 

If you've gone some place and they did an awesome job please let me know and if you happen to remember how much you paid for hair and makeup along with the practice and day of that would be great.

Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thank you.

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    La James College in Ankeny does really good work it's cheap and they only let Seniors work on you! you can have everything from hair make nails facials ect....
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    could you just go to the mac counter or something for makeup? They might do it for you there for free! Then you could just buy the lipstick or something.  I don't know for sure because I have never done this so just an idea!

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    Yea you can just go to makeup counters but beware as most of them only do 1/2 your face. If you tell them it's for your wedding they normally charge you.
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    I am actually doing a destination wedding, but I would like to do a "trial" run here at home (in Des Moines) to see what I like.  Does anyone know if there is somewhere you can get airbrush make up application in Des Moines area?
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    I used Salon W in the East village. They have a website if you google it
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    New Impressions on NE 14 does a good job.

    BTW - the MAC counter is excellent, but they are not free. You have to agree to purchase 40 or 50 dollars worth of products.
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