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Any Friday night weddings?

I was wondering if anyone has or will be getting married on a Friday night? My wedding date is set on a sat in oct. but because we want to have a Catholic wedding we would only be able to get married at 1:30 at the latest on a Saturday and wouldn't get into our reception until 6pm so we are thinking of changing to Friday night to have a 6:00 wedding. Is this a good idea? Do people give you a hard time about Friday nights because of work? Please let me know. Thank You.

Re: Any Friday night weddings?

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    I have been to a Friday night wedding, it worked well. They had the ceremony start at 5pm, then dinner started at 630pm. It was nice because the people that were from out of town were able to all hang out on Saturday still, or if they wanted to go home right away it worked too.

    But on that note, make sure you get enough notice so they can take it off work, and make sure they realize it is a Friday wedding instead of Saturday.
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    This is exactly what my sister did.  She had a Catholic service on a Friday night.  It was great--no cocktail hour was needed in between either! 

    Everyone loved it and had a great time.  MIght be a good idea to send Save-the-dates, since many OOT guests will need to take time off work, etc. 

    All in all, a great idea!! Lots of vendors are cheaper on Fridays, too!  Good luck :-)
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    Cool thank!!!! And yes, I have noticed already that when you ask a vendor for a discount on Friday most take off $100. Good idea, I will get started on save the dates! I wasn't sure if I would but I think it would be worth it. Thanks!!!!
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    Please let me know when you are ready to look at DJ's.
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