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For those familiar with Cedar Rapids

... I have a few questions for you!

Our wedding is being held in CR and we currently live there, but we recently moved so we aren't too familiar.

1) We're needing to book our honeymoon soon. Any recommended travel agents in the CR/IC area?

2)After the ceremony, us and the WP are taking a limo around for pictures. What are some good places to take photos? Our photographer is from Des Moines, so I'm assuming we're going to have to scope out the locations.

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Re: For those familiar with Cedar Rapids

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    I live in CR altho am relatively new, as well - have been here for just over 3 years. So I'll share what I can! :)

    We did engagement photos in Noelridge Park and down in Czech Village this past spring. You might be able to find some spots downtown, altho I wouldn't be able to name a particular place. There's a nice little plaza in front of the Newbo Market - that could be cute. It's pretty new, but I think they plan on having more greenery outside.

    As for travel agents, I do not know anyone personally, but can ask a girl at work. She used to be a travel agent and she is kind of helping us out with honeymoon ideas. Maybe she can recommend someone. I just sent her an email. I'll let you know if she comes back with anyone!
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  • Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know of a new blog I've started for us brides in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids areas. I'm trying to gather a list of caterers, photographers, bridal shops, etc to try to help other brides out. Please check it out and let me know if any improvements you may have.
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