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I am in a check mood,,,

Well, today I am in check mood and lets do what we can right now: as a rsult we checked the following:

- wedding favors received (Vidro de Murano

- gifts for the wedding party
- all table linens, overlays, napkins and saches bought
- wedding cake decided, grooms cake decided and the desserts for the FL ordered as well and the beverages and drinks bought for the
- caterer for our FL hired along the service
- program, RD invites, FL invites, all done
- disposables for the Bridal Shower all bought
- food ordered for the wgole FL
- the belgium truffles has ben ordered as well and will arrive on June/19.
- bridesmais dresses already pick up along with the shawl.
- cake topper bouht

Well, I have to stop now because tomorrow, another batch for things to do is in my way....

I am so proud fo me!!!! But I know that is really Jesus behind me helping me to wht I have done today.

Re: I am in a check mood,,,

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