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Purple shoes

Hi everyone!
Does anyone know online or in store where I can find purple heels? Not too tall or expensive, they'll be for the bridesmaids to wear and I'm having trouble finding anything! Everything I like is too tall or costs too much. Thanks for the help!

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Re: Purple shoes

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    Try zappos.com or endless.com or shoes.com
    All these will pretty much have filters that you can pick colors and heel height and price.
    Shoe shopping is the best!
  • medusia00medusia00 member
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    I would say endless too, you can search by color heel size and shoe size.. also DSW has a wide range of colors!
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  • ToBeMrs2011ToBeMrs2011 member
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    Good Luck!!  I was thinking about purple shoes instead of the traditional colors to go with my wedding dress.  My dress is currently the perfect length with a 2" or below heel.  Since I wanted to minimize alteration costs, I REALLY wanted to stick with a low heel.  

    Anyways, I searched in countless websites, zappos endless dsw nine west nina...you name it!  I was so frustrated!  Nothing fit the criteria....there are some out there but there was usually something I didn't like about the shoe.  

    Granted, I was being picky so you may not have the problem I did.  But honestly, I was shocked by the lack of purple shoes out there right now.  

    Hope you find what you're looking for! Smile
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    If you want an reaaaaly cheap option, try Payless.A friend of mine bought her shoes there and was able to buy a dyable and medium height pair of shoes for less than $40.00! I was amazed...never saw a wedding shoes so cheap!!!
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    Have you tried 6pm.com? 

    Good luck!
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    I ended up finding some on 6pm.com! They're actually really cheap..here's the link!

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