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Iowa-Des Moines

Any suggestions on a officiant?


I am kind of new to this but I'm going to get it a shot.

We are trying to find someone to do our wedding. We would like to keep it simple and short. We're looking at a non-denominational/religious based wedding because I'm Lutheran and he is Mennonite.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Re: Any suggestions on a officiant?

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    you can have a friend or relative take a online course (they are really easy and only take a few days at most to complete) the cost usually runs between $50-200 but its better than having a priest or someone you dont know mess up your names or worse on your wedding day!
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    I just booked with a judge in the county that our ceremony will be held at.  I thought that was a good option as we were looking for the same things you were.  Most of them have very reasonable fees, too.
  • krysh2302krysh2302 member
    edited December 2011
    We are using Pastor Joseph Karge. He is AMAZING. He is non-demonimal, as we are both Catholic, but didn't want to do a traditional church wedding. He has endless ideas, and ways to incorporate anything that is important to you and your FI. Check out Forever Ministries.
  • jennfelsenjennfelsen member
    edited December 2011
    I am using Pastor Joseph Karge also.  He has tons of great ideas and is non denominational.
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