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Most of the big things are done and out of the way (sites and vendors and the like) so now what do I do? I'm not a big girly girl and I'm not very crafty for some of the things that I've seen. Some days it seems that my mom and my sister are more excited for the wedding than I am. I like simple and clean. Since the big ticket items are done, how do I tell them that I'm not that into the details? I don't mind them giving me ideas but I don't want or need anything extra in the wedding details. I could care less what is on the tables as in the confetti thingys or gems because I'm more focused on having fun and enjoying the day with my "husband" that day. It just gets really annoying hearing about it. Is it normal to get sick of the wedding crap? It's about a year and half away and I'm already over the planning things. I keep telling them that I'll think about it when honestly it goes in one ear and out the other. My fiance is like me as well and we are happy with what we got going on right now. Please tell me I'm not alone with getting sick of hearing about MY wedding. 

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  • If you are a year and a half out and you have all your vendors booked, stop planning for a while.  You are right on track.  Tell your family you are taking a 6 month break from anything wedding planning related so you don't get burned out on it.  Tell them you just want to take time to enjoy being engaged.  I got to a point where I was so burned out and didn't want to think about anything related to the wedding.  There will be time for details later. 

    Although I would say if it is in your budget, hire a wedding coordinator and they can deal with the details.  A good wedding coordinator will take what you tell them about your vision for the day and run with it if you want them to.  Then, you wont have to think about the details.  You can just show up on your wedding day and enjoy the day.  I would tell your family to simmer down for now, you have plenty of time!
  • I agree with PP. Our wedding is about 1 1/2 years after we got engaged. I started planning like crazy right after we got engaged and within a month I was so sick of planning. I took a couple months off and didn't think about the wedding at all. Once I started planning again, I constantly reminded myself to take things slow and it's helped me enjoy the planning. 

    Since you have all the big things decided on, take some time off and come back to it in a few months. 
  • I agree, I had about 8 months to go and got burnt out. I took a 2 month break to enjoy being engaged to H. It was the best thing, and my friends thanked me because there wasn't a lot of stress over those 2 months.

    I also agree if you can hire a planner it'll be the best thing for those details. They can present you ideas and still fit with the simple and clean idea you have in your head.
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