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Hi ladies.My fiance and I cant seem to agree on any details for the wedding! I feel like I keep giving to please his wishes for the wedding but whenever I want something my way it turns into an arguement. He wanted a small ceremony therefore we are only inviting imediate family and grandparents. He wanted us to only each have 2 people in our wedding party so he could just have his 2 brothers and wouldnt have to choose between friends so I went along with it even though I would have liked more. But now he is going to far. He REFUSES to wear a tux to our wedding! He thinks they look stupid and he just want to wear black pants, black shirt and a tie. But I already went out and bought a wedding gown. I dont want him to look under dressed or myself to look over dressed! How can I convince him to wear the tux!??!! HELP!!!


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    Well, he's an adult and perfectly capable of picking his own clothing. The Wedding is for both of you so you'll have to make compromises. Consider it practice for the marriage. If you are having an afternoon more casual wedding his attire would be fine. Just because you have a dress doesn't mean he can't wear what he's picked out. Maybe you can get him to wear a jacket at least if your wedding is more formal.

    Oh and you don't have to have even sides. If he's okay with you adding more people to your side then go for it.
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    would he go for a black suit?  he could buy one for $150.
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    I agree with Jennifer.  I told FH that the guys could wear kahkis and nice shirt with tie if he wanted, but he decided to go with tuxes cuz his step-mom thought they should.  If it is less formal, no tuxes would look fine even if all you girls are in dresses.  Compromise is very important.  Without it, a marriage cannot survive.  Good luck!  :)
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    I would encourage him to try the suit idea, still looks very nice and maybe he won't feel stupid in it? and at least you get to keep it!
    ~basquing in the wedded bliss~
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