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Introduction Dilemma...UGH..

Ok...super frustrated...

My Fi has been wanting to change his last name for years now (since way before me..)...to his Mothers last name.  (She is divorced from his Father and has her maiden name). 
Anyways- for our first introduction as husband and wife, he is requesting that we have our DJ announce us with his Mothers maiden name!!! 
Mind you- the invitations went out in HIS current last name...which I will be taking too...
I told him that this will confuse the H E Double Hockey Stick out of our guests!!!  UGHHHHH.

So we decided that since its so important to him, we will just have the DJ make an announcement before the BP starts coming into the room.  Saying something like, "At the Grooms request, he will be changning his last name in the near future to his Mothers last name and he requests that both he and his new bride will be introduced with that name tonight."

Does that sound OK?!?!?!?!  I'm really not happy about this...but whatever.,..I can't argue over it anymore.
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Re: Introduction Dilemma...UGH..

  • I think this whole thing would be confusing for guests, but the explanation by the DJ might help clear it up a little.
  • Hmm...I get that it's important to him, but if the invites have gone out as Fiance Jones, then that's what he should be announced as. I mean...I get where he's coming from, but if he's been wanting to do this for years then he should have done it already. I dunno. I would kind of side-eye this just because it seems a little silly to throw two name changes out there. But again, that's just me. If you're going to announce it at some point, I would make a point to announce it at the ceremony rather than the reception I think. I dunno. that's a tough one.
  • It IS tough..ugh.  I decided to let him have his way with this..."throwing hands up in air"..
    I mean, if its THIS important to him, who am I to say no? 
    We met with our DJ last night, who is also a friend of mine...she said "whatever we want"...as we discussed it with her.  So, there ya go folks.  New name it will be.

    I did do some more research into the name change thing...it will cost over $500 EACH to do it...ugh!!!!!!  Better do it BEFORE we have kids..LOL...or that would add up QUICK!
    God is Faithful!
  • Yikes! why so much?
  • Wow, I was just looking at it myself. If I were you, I'd be pissed he didn't change it before the invitations went out. Now you'll both have to file to change afterwards. Not cool. :( I'm sorry.
  • Okay, so I wouldn't be pissed, but I would definitely be annoyed with him for a day or two, and then be okay with it. hahaha
  • I agree that if I were a guest I would be confused or find it a little odd - even with the DJ explanation.

    Maybe you guys can change it after the wedding and not have it announced... and then make sure you change it before your house warming party (if you're having one) or before your first baby, so it gets incoporated at some point on a "big day".

    Unless you have time to have it changed BEFORE the wedding. It's still a tad confusing, but it will save you $500. So I would deal with the slightly lost guests for that one! Lol.

  • Yea, Heroes..it is CRAZY!  I am annoyed.,.lol..He snoozed on this one and i'm not happy about that.  Idk where we are getting the money for this..neither does he...so it will have to wait.  Hopefully- before our first baby...it will have to be!!!!!!  LOL..
    but yea- just gonna still have the DJ announce it and so be it...whatever at this point.  : /
    God is Faithful!
  • I'm TOO excited to worry about it anymore..hahaha!!!!!!  Under 50 days!!  YAY!
    God is Faithful!
  • So I came over from April 2013 to see if I could get an idea about my last month planning and saw this. We are doing a similar thing but on the marriage license we can put the new last name..... So we both are changing at the time of the wedding which in our state is allowed. It's a surprise to everyone until the JP announces it.... So you aren't alone ;)
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