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Anyone else with a bad case of the Mondays?

So between being allergic to my own house because of my sister's cats, having woken up three times in the middle of the night for no reason, and my FMIL emailing me at work about the RD she had all weekend to talk to me about, but only on her time, I am finding myself with a very severe case of the Mondays.

Anyone else?

Re: Anyone else with a bad case of the Mondays?

  • Ughh yes!  There's a big theatre fringe festival in Philly that just finished (I manage a theatre company) and work has been INSANE for the past month.  Today I should be settling into the normal routine again but I just don't want to do ANYTHING.  Yesterday was my first day off in six weeks = SO NICE. One more.  Need one more day.

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    Mondays are always hectic here and my co-worker is part time and refuses to work Monday's because they're too much for her to handle so guess who's alone handling everything?

    What are you guys working on wedding-wise right now?  I feel like with 4 months to go I should be busy but I'm not.  I have the rehearsal dinner to plan but can't do that until I get some questions answered at our tasting dinner next week, have to schedule a hair trial but my salon's been urging me to wait because "the styles may change."  : /
  • I've got time set up with my bridesmaids on Sunday to get the invitations addressed. But that's only because October is going to be sooooper hectic with a bunch of other stuff. I am supposed to meet with our ceremony musicians on Saturday to let them know what we've picked. Then aside from that, I have a few little crafts that I'm gonna need to get going on here soon.

    I feel like there's a lull right now in what needs to get done. Like right now, we're just paying for a bunch of stuff. My dress fits damn near perfectly, so I'm not going to be messing with that until probably November or December. My mom is gonna help me get going on my veil when she gets back from a work trip. I've already got a rough draft of the ceremony programs, The favors are half way done... I mean really, the only thing I haven't done yet that I need to is hash out a rentals list and both companies I spoke to said they don't really need it until October.

    I feel ahead of the game, but also at the same time like I'm missing something glaringly important.
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