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New Topic: Bridal Look

I figured we'd do our next topic now since I wasn't sure how much everyone would be on next week with Thanksgiving.

Let's do our bridal looks : Dress, shoes, sash, hair.. all of it. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

No wedding party outfits yet and no boquets.. flowers and attendant attire can be topics later on... we still have a ways to go!

I'm on my phone so I can't do mine now, but let's see it ladies!

Re: New Topic: Bridal Look

  • I will have to do this when my FI isn't here. He really doesn't want to see my dress although I don't really mind if he does. Its sort of cute!


  • This will be fun!

    My dress:

    The Bustle:

    My veil (should arrive soon) will be cascaded like this, but instead of a ribbon edge, it will be scattered crystals:

    My hair (trial after Thanksgiving!!):

    My shoes:

    My something old is my great-great-grandmother's handkerchief that I am going to wrap around the handle of my boquet.

    My something new will be my jewelry, which will hopefully look like this:

    My something borrowed is still being decided, as I am hoping it will be something of my fiance's mother, who passed away 2 years ago.

    My something blue (other than my shoes!) will be my garter which will look like this, but instead of pi will have the infinity symbol (looks like a sideways 8):

    What do you think? I cannot wait to see everyone else's looks!
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  • Hurray, FI went to lunch with some friends and I can play!

    Abbie-that dress looks great on you.

    Don't mind my weird face in the pictures. My mom was like the paparazzi and didn't tell me she was taking pictures.

    Dress: Because of the way the dress is made it would cost me way too much to have it hemmed, so we are making little pick ups throughout the skirt so that it is the right length.


    And hair:


    And my shoes. I'm a total klutz, so I figured that these were better than my running shoes.


    My veil is just a plain one. I'm not sure that I'm doing the something old tradition. I don't have anything that I could borrow!


  • I don't have a picture of me in my dress yet :( and my hair trial isn't until after Thanksgiving, but...

    The Dress..

    The Shoes..
    Toi et Moi Women's Toi et Moi 'Daisy-05' Silver Satin Jewel Pointed Toe Platform Pumpshttp://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Toi-et-Moi-Womens-Toi-et-Moi-Daisy-05-Silver-Satin-Jewel-Pointed-Toe-Platform-Pumps/6986461/product.html

    Hair Piece..
    Silver Clear Comb Pin 8882
    LOTS of cheap ones on this site if anyone is still looking... http://weddingfactorydirect.com/comb-8882-silver-clear.html

    Hair Inspiration...

    Custom Bracelets..
    RESERVED FOR KELLY  Two Sterling Silver Bracelets
    This one is an example... but I will have two made. One with lace from my Mom's wedding dress and one with lace from mine :)

    Something new would be dress and shoes.
    Something old could be my mom's lace in the bracelet.
    Something blue is my great grandmas blue saphirre ring I'll wear on my right hand (it actually could triple as the old, blue, and borrowed -- it is my moms and will be given to my sister on her wedding day, as it goes to the oldest in each fmaily).
    Something borrowed - I'm hoping to get earrings from FIs mom or sister.

    My mom is making my veil too :)

  • OMG!  I love all the different looks!!  Beautiful!
    My gown is a simple satin, ivory trumpet gown from David's Bridal

    My shoes are Vera Wang ivory flats from David's Bridal.

    I'm not wearing a veil.  I'm wearing a headband with crystals on it.  Also Vera Wang/David's Bridal

    My hair style will be something similar to this with the headband in it:
    looove her hair

    My something blue is the garter
    Jewelry is simple...something like this:

    Not sure what my something old or something borrowed will be...
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  • Okay, so my dress is Alfred Angelo.

    I won't be wearing the sash in the pictures (as much as I loved it.) My sash will look like the one below, but in white, not the pink pictured.

    I haven't seen what it will look like bustled yet, but I get it back from the seamstress today.

    My shoes!! I love them. FI is very short and I also suck at walking in heels.

    I made the bracelet, but I have a necklace that is almost a perfect match.

    I also made this headpiece. It's on a headband. I am still in the process of making my veil so I have no pictures of that yet. But I'm working on it.

    And lastly, I haven't had my trial run yet, (Dec. 1) but here is my front runner so far for hair styles.

  • hmmm...my dress is not ombre with yellow on the bottom, the pictures are doing something funky to it.

    But as for my SOSNSBSB stuff, old will be my great grandmother's wedding band which will be mine. New would be my shoes. Borrowed will be my sister/MOH's pearl earrings, and Blue will be my undies, my garter and possibly a tardis painted on the bottom of my shoes.

  • Heroeswearbrown...I LOVE the bracelet you made!!  And we have the short FI in common PLUS, I can't walk in heels either :-)
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  • Dress:



    Hair Inspiration:


  • Dress Front and Back, I've decided to keep it bustled the entire night:
    Hair (not that hairpiece):

    I have NO CLUE about nails, but am thinking about this:

    But will it make my hands look washed out in cold January??
    And last, but not least, MAH SHOES!!!:

  • I'll try posting pics of my whole "look" later, but Manjermj, just wanted to say that I just bought that same jacket on Saturday for my wedding...Macy's, right?  I think it's so adorable, I can't wait to wear it!

  • ksblumb: LOVE your shoes! :)

    Manjermj: Oooh, you reminded me I forgot Jacket!  Here she is:
  • Man, I love seeing everyone's gowns. I'm addicted to SYTTD if that says anything about how much I love bridal fashion. GAH! I can't wait to see my bridal portraits once I have the whole look put together. eeeeee!!!
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_january-2013-weddings_new-topic-bridal-look?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:808dddd9-a33d-4d5f-8a47-f091dcd1c99fDiscussion:4a2b0de1-0b58-415f-9c33-7c2f53fd3548Post:4a65a75a-9937-4624-b01f-a7ec21780b8a">Re: New Topic: Bridal Look</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'll try posting pics of my whole "look" later, but Manjermj, just wanted to say that I just bought that same jacket on Saturday for my wedding...Macy's, right?  I think it's so adorable, I can't wait to wear it!
    Posted by Katred08[/QUOTE]

    <div>Yes! Macys! I bought it a few weeks ago. It's perfect to match my girls navy blue dresses :-)</div>
  • I think my favorites here are all of the shoes! But everything is so pretty :)

    I love this picture of a winter bride:

    Pinned Image

    So I'm thinking of putting together something like this with the coat/boots/scarf :) That's if it is cold enough, and ideally would have a gorgeous snowy background...

    There's always a chance it will be 60 and sunny around here, and I won't even need a coat! You never know. Lol. Averages are 20s-40s... so perfect weather for some heavy snows!  ... but according to weather.com January is the driest, cloudiest, coldest month. Lol. Boooo!
  • Heroes- I love, love, love those shoes!!!


  • Staar- Thank you! I fell in love with them at the store, but was not going to pay $50 for them, so I scouted and scoured the internet and found them for $35. I was sooo excited. I used to dance as a kid, but never made it to pointe shoes, so I feel like in my wedding shoes, I've finally made it to pointe. :)
  • Be thankful about not making it to pointe. It messes up your feet so bad! Dance is probably why I love those shoes too! Flats can be ridiculously expensive!


  • oh, man I really want to participate, but I seem to have misplaced my camera (again). But, can I just say that we January 2013 are an attractive bunch!
  • I also dont have my camera...and also incase my FI see's me on here, I don't want to "spoil" the dress look.  As it was, he saw a SNEEK PEEK of my dress as I was scrolling through pics on my phone.  I QUICKLY deleted it and took a deep breath.  He barely saw it...but it was close!!  LOL
    Let me see if I can find the link from Davids really quick tho...it's 9T9670 (number to enter into Davids Bridal site)...
    Shoes- will be doing flats too..wanted aqua ones to match my girls dresses but can't find them...so doing silvery sparkled ones or white instead (havent decided yet!)...
    Veil- borrowed from my cousin (white meduim legnth and silver sequins around the bottom)...VERY pretty!! 
    Jewelry- unsure...I am allergic to Silver and nickel...so usually wear yellow gold but it would clash with the silver going on that night...lol.
    Hair- wearing a really pretty headband once veil comes off...or maybe beforehand too..
    Sorry that I dont have pics...will post AFTER the wedding for sure!!
    Everything looks amazing though!!  : D  YOU GO GIRLS!!  LOVE THE HEELS...wish I could wear them!  LOL. 
    Oh- my garter has some aqua blue on it...thats my blue ; )
    Something new- my dress
    Not sure about something old yet...
    God is Faithful!
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    my dress is  from david's bridal (yp3344 not me)  My veil matches my dress. Heels are 1 1/2 to 2 inch peek a boo with rhinestones dyed to match the bms dresses. Hair will be up not sure how with a clip that my talented friend made. Jewelry is dangly white gold earrings necklace i already have as a present from fiance simple small shaped heart. Something old is my brooch that my mom bought for my great grandma when I was born and my necklace. Something new is my dress. Something borrowed is my fur jacket and something new is my ring. Something blue is a beautiful bracelet my grandma bought for me
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