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Funny FMIL...

So we really only started planning our wedding a few weeks ago, but we checked with our family to make sure the date worked, and the wedding was a topic of conversation at family gatherings throughout the holidays. I've had several conversations with her about my dress, her granddaughters' dresses, and the venue. I called her on Monday to get a couple addresses, and told her invites would be going out this week.

FI's mom called him to wish him a happy birthday yesterday, and he mentioned we had picked up our marriage license. She asked if we weren't rushing things just a bit, since the wedding wasn't until July...FI had to correct her, and let her know it's in three weeks. She was a little embarrassed, and immediately panicked over finding a dress. FI and I had a laugh over it.

At least she didn't find out when she got the invitation in the mail, which should be today. That would've been awkward.

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