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January 2013 Weddings

New Topic: ... ?

Alright ladies. Let's do either:
-Attire for others (bridemaids, groomsmen, mothers, flower girls, etc.)
-Venue and centerpieces (some of this was kind of given in our first one with colors and theme, but not everyone did...)
-Flowers (bouqets, if you are doing floral centerpieces, floral ceremony decor, etc.)

First poster gets to choose the topic :)

Re: New Topic: ... ?

  • Attire for others! 

    Bridesmaids have a red davids bridal dress (apple) with one shoulder. Guys are in Vera Wang Black from Mens Wearhouse, with red vests and bowties. Flower girl has a white dress with red sash and pearl straps and accents.. mothers both have long black dresses with gem accents.
  • FI is wearing a black suit. I don't care what our moms wear and we don't have a wedding party. Easy topic!


  • I am a new/old bride. Old because I was suppose to get married Nov 11 but Hurricane Sandy had other plans for us! Now I am getting married Jan 19:. I am interested in everyones centerpieces ideas. I was originally having my reception at a local restaurant but that got destroyed so now Im getting married at a historic mansion! Need elegant classy. My dress davids bridal yp3344 doing on phone cant show pix bms wine short. Looking for fur bolero in case its cold for girls. Moms wearing long purple/ silver dress mil wearing rich plum step mom hoping shes not coming long story wearing blue.
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    In Response to Re:New Topic: ... ?:Now I am getting married Jan 19:. I am interested in everyones centerpieces ideas. Posted by jodriscoll61 Welcome to the board! I'll be sure we do centerpieces next week then to help give you some inspiration : Our girls will be wearing a short navy blue dress of their choice. Boys are in grey suits havent figured out what shirt/tie combo we are using yet. My mom is wearing a cute steel grey dress with a matching little jacket. FMIL is still looking... No ring bearer. The FG is wearing a little white ciffon sheath dress with a blue cardigan over the top, cinched with a thin bown belt that has a little sparkly beading detail. She's 4... I'd imagine she'll wear white tights too.
  • 5 Bridesmaids in Bari Jay:

    and silver shoes of their choosing.

    6 men at arms (what we are calling the groomsmen) and 1 more bridesmaid in tails:

    but with royal blue pocket squares and no vest.

    They are called men at arms, so of course they will be wearing broad swords:

    Safely of course, on black sword belts with covers (scabbords, I think they are called?)

    I am not exactly sure about the flower girl. She and her mom got her dress on their own, and based on their description, I think it looks like this one, but with a royal blue ribbon:

    The "father" of the bride (my very masculine mother) in a tux:

    And the mother of the bride in David's Bridal:

    The father of the groom owns his own tux, because he is fancy like that.

    I like this lots!
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  • Ooh!  I haven't been on for a good long while.  I love this changing topic thing!

    My girls are in charcoal gray charmeuse floor-length dresses.  Amsale.  The two below, but both in charcoal.

    Boys are in Men's Warehouse tuxes with a slim black tie, no vest or cummerbund.  They'll also have charcoal gray pocket silks (except the groom!  He'll have a boutonniere!).

    Junior bridesmaids are in David's Bridal apple (so kinda like the red in the picture above).

    Flower girls are in an ivory dress with apple red sash, picked out by their moms.  This one, except with a tulle skirt (but still the satin top).

    Ring bearer is in a black suit.


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  • My girls are picking out their own dresses...black and knee length...  Pretty much anything goes with the exception of long sleeves! As for the groom...he got a custom suit, but he's not telling me what it looks like!  Good thing I trust him to dress nicely....I think :) The groomsmen are wearing dark grey suits.  
  • My BMs will be in 81047 in Apple from David's Bridal.

    The boys will be in tuxes by Al's Formal Wear in apple vests and ties, except FI who will be in a gold vest and tie. 

    Flower girls are still up in the air, but my mom and I are making their dresses so I have like 2 more weeks to decide, but I do know they will be in gold. 

    My mom is making her dress, but it will be similar to Jade 4411 in a cranberry color.

    FMIL will be in a dress I personally find hideous, but she's wearing it not me. She's currently throwing a fit because she won't "fit in" with the rest of the BP because she ignored what I had initially told her by telling her to pick a jewel toned dress. Not Taupe. But again, she's wearing it not me, and I have absolutely no time to help her pick out and pay for another dress so she's scouring craigslist for a new dress. 

    Dads will be in tuxes matching the GM, but with black vests and ties. 

    no ring bearer. 
  • Girls are in Pool from Davids...I let them choose their own style..just said long (ankle length) and no long sleeves.  I love letting them be creative and also finding what fits their bodies well.  : )  My Best friend and MOH did this option a few years ago when I was her MOH! 
    Worked out really well. And no 2 girls have the same one!!  YAY!
    Groom- Black tux with white vest and white bow tie...Grromsmen- black tuxes with black vests and black bow ties..
    Mothers (his Mom and my Aunt) are wearing whatever they want...
    No ring bearers or flower girls..but I thought about having my FI's nephew (who I've never met yet) and my Niece...both babies (one is over a year..the other is around 6 months), in a wagon with flowers...but I chose not to.  Mainly because I think his brother may not be for that...ugh...anyways!
    It would have been SOO cute though!  they could have had the ring with them in a box and have could have been both the ring bearer and flower girl...
    Maybe I could still use my niece as our flower girl?!?  HMMM....something to discuss!
    My brother is walking me down the aisle and is wearing a black suit and tie..
    His Dad isn't coming..

    Thats it!  : )
    God is Faithful!
  • My girls are wearing long navy Bill Levkoff dresses....8 girls, 5 different dress styles total( I let them choose from a whole bunch)

    Groomsmen and both fathers are wearing black tuxes.  a few already owned them, and my FI bought his (Tommy Hilfiger from Macy's), but the rest are renting.  They won't match exactly, but a black tux is a black tux, I figure. 

    My mom is wearing a long black dress...FIs mom is still looking, I believe. 
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