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Wedding planning?

Ok ladies I know we are a little over 2 years out but what things have you started planning? When do you plan on dress shopping? Have you started thinking about your guest list?
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Re: Wedding planning?

  • I would wait until you get closer to the year mark to buy your dress. A lot of people I know, myself included, ended up changing their minds and either getting stuck with a dress they fell out with or buying two.
  • We have the date, venue, and Rabbi to perform the ceremony.  Beyond that, no actual decision have been made.  Having the ceremony and receoption at our synagogue narrows down our choice of caterers and bakers, so that will save us time in the long run (only specific vendors can be used).  I've looked at dresses online, but haven't tried any on and don't plan to for about a year.  I want to lose weight before I start shopping, so I'm trying to work on that in the mean time.  I know I want to have some purple in the decorating, and probably for the brides maids dresses, but I haven't picked dresses or flowers or anything like that.

    IWe're trying to do some of the major things in advance just because 2012 will be busy for both of us, but it's still to early to really make most decisions.
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  • We have a date, we picked our colors, and we have been throwing around ideas for everything else. He has a huge family so we are trying to decide if we want to do a small ceremony (immediate family and few friends) and a huge party/reception or if we want to do the whole big wedding! Either way we want a fun stress free wedding which is why we have semi started planning already. Dress shopping will wait until at least a year out from the date but I still browse around incase i find something amazing. Happy Planning everyone :)
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