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January 2013 Weddings

mini AW moment

My FMIL came up to me last night and told me that FFIL had been handing out the invitations to his co-workers that were invited and they kept telling him that they were the most beautiful invitations they'd ever seen. Makes me feel really good that FI and I stuck to our gut and did what we wanted. We didn't settle. I knew that I couldn't find what I wanted in the traditional books in stores, so I went to etsy and found the perfect set. Makes me giddy. :)

Re: mini AW moment

  • That's so awesome! I hope we get the same reaction from people :-)
  • Glad you had that moment with her!  ; )  As much as they may act up sometimes, in the important times, they are truly happy for us!! 
    God is Faithful!
  • That's awesome!  Good job :-)
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  • Oh I don't care that it was FMIL that said it. She's been on my nerves no matter what's she's done lately. I'm a little miffed actually that FMIL felt the need to step over her husband to tell me about something that has nothing to do with her. She is incapable of letting someone have their own news or story. You can start telling a story and she will try to take over. I got a puppy at the beginning of this year and I knew I was going to get her, but I wanted to surprise people on FB so I said I would post pictures later of my surprise, to which my FMIL commented on the post saying, "I can't wait to meet your puppy"

    This middle-aged woman never grew out of her High school days. It has driven me and her son insane.

    I'm just giddy that people are liking the invites.
  • Congrats on the invites!!


  • Oh ok, gotchya...yea, unfortunately some people are like that.  They live for gossip!
    UGH!!  Drives me nuts.

    anywho- glad your invites came out awesome : )  Mine did too and I've had a few people tell me so.  My Sister in Law did them (she does stationary for a living)...super talented. 
    God is Faithful!
  • My FMIL is like that too, but the important thing is that your invitations are lovely!
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