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Fun Cake!

Hi Everyone!!

I'm so excited, I just got done with a cake consultation. I've been holding out on booking my cake because it's the one thing I didn't want to compromise on... afterall, we have plenty of time, right? 

Anyway, since I've been engaged, actually probably a little before, I had my heart set on a funfetti cake. Straight out of the box. A lot of bakeries have "imposter" confetti cake that they brag about. Many I have tried, and none have come close to the cake that I wanted. 

Finally, today, my mom convinced me to go to a local grocery store bakery, and check if they could do it. After all, it's not like they have a reputation they are trying to protect on their fine desserts. 

AND IT HAPPENED! No Problem. They would grab it right off the shelves. It will look professionally done (because it is) and they didn't judge me for wanting what I wanted. It was also a lot cheaper than the other bakery we were going to compromise on...

I'm soooo happy right now. 
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