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-1 Anniversary!

So this morning I woke up to my FI wishing me a -1 Anniversary! Somedays I think he's more excited than I am. (Don't get me wrong, I could jump out of my skin with the excitement I have to marry him! :) )

Another plus to our day is we are 99% sure we're booking our photographer. Met with one last night and really, REALLY liked the work and also clicked with him! YAY another CHECK!

Have a fantastic weekend ladies!

Re: -1 Anniversary!

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    Such a great feeling isn't it?? I'm finally at 11 months tomorrow!! I'm sure I'll start to panic soon.  HAHAH
    Congrats on the check!!! Photog is huge
    Have a lovely weekend
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    I was sooo pumped when it was the one year mark!  And the weather was so perfect that day that I was hoping it would be exactly like that in one year :) I love that your FI was the one who mentioned it...cute!

    Also, YAY for finding a photog!  That one is stressful because it's someone you're going to have to spend alot of time with the day of and so finding the right person is key, while trying to stay in budget.  So congrats on that as well!
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    Woo hoo! I love that feeling! And booking a photog you love is a great triumph in the wedding planning process. Congrats!
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    Aligross- I am so used to facebook that I automatically looked for the "like" button on your post. Instead, I'll just say it:

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    Happy -1 year! What a happy day!
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    Thanks for all the happy wishes! It was a fantastic day! FI planned a day of great events! We went to our "first date" place for lunch and then went to dinner at the place we'll have our reception at. It was fun to think about "A year from now we will be...... " All day long!
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