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E-Pics: Hair/Makeup?

We're getting our engagement pictures done in a few weeks, and I'm debating if it's worth the money to have someone do my hair and make-up.  I'm really not talented in either of those areas, so I'm sure someone else would do better :-)  Did any of you get your hair/makeup done, and if so, could you give me an idea of your general cost (and where you went) and if you thought it was worth the $$?  Thanks ladies!


Re: E-Pics: Hair/Makeup?

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    I just had mine on Sunday and used MN Bridal Makeup Artistry for both hair and makeup.  I had airbrush makeup and fake lashes as add-ons and my total was $175, I think.

    I am SOOOOO glad I had my hair and makeup done.  I kind of just do the same thing every day and have no real talent with either, so I didn't want to do it myself.  My before and after pics are here:  CLICKY

    The ladies I used actually contract with MN Bridal Makeup.  They also do stuff on their own.

    PM me if you want me to send you their info.
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    When we did our epics last fall I went to Aveda Institute and had my hair done for $10 or $15 with tip and then went over to MAC at the DT Macy's and had my makeup done for free with a $50 purchase.  You just need to make appts for both. Well worth it to me and the price couldn't be beat.

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    I didn't bother having either one done.  I don't normally wear makeup for everyday, but I did take some time to put some on and then tried to get my hair looking as good as it could (very long, very straight, very fine - just blow dried it with a brush and tried to curl it, which didn't really take).  In the end, the pictures turned out really, really nicely.  I like that I look like myself in them, just nicer.  I honestly don't think a makeup artist could have done any better, and I didn't want anything extreme done with my hair.
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    I did my own and the pics turned out just fine. I made things a little darker than usual and made sure to wear false lashes. To me it isn't worth the money at all, but then again, I'm DIYing my wedding makeup, too. 
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    I did my own hair and makeup. My hair (as you can see in my sic pic) is just the way it usually is-- down and straight. I did that because for my e-pics I didn't want to look different than my usual self. I also used my own makeup, and I don't put makeup on everyday. I thought it looked just fine and I still looked like my everyday self, just a little more "put together" in my face. It is all up to you though, if you have the extra $$ and want to do it, then go for it.

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    Thanks for all the advice- all of your pictures look great, so maybe moral of the story is I can do it on my own?!  I'm not great at make-up and hair, but as PP said, I do want to look like myself- just a slightly better version :)
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