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I don't typically go to tanning booths, but for my wedding I don't want to be the white ghost I become during the MN winters. I'm wondering what the difference is between the laying down tanning beds and the standing beds. Is one better than the other? What is the difference in cost? I've done the standard laying in the tanning bed way, but I don't know anything about the standing beds. Thanks girls :)

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  • Standing beds are pretty much the same but they're more sanitary IMO since you're not laying where someone else was laying with barely anything or nothing on. I'd wear flip flops and just stand on them if you're worried at all about germs. I haven't tanned in a long time but I think I remember the stand up beds being slightly stronger so be careful if you're pasty like me right now :-) Oh and I don't think there was a difference in cost, but it could be a couple bucks, nothing big.

    Have you thought about spray tanning? I got one done for a formal once and I LOVED it. I didn't have any problems with fading, streaking or it coming off on my dress (but then again my dress was pink, not white or ivory). Maybe you could get one to try it out and know if you like it before you do it for your wedding day. I went to Carribean Beach in St. Cloud but that's probably a bit far for you. Not sure about tanning places in the cities, it's been years since I went down there!
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  • Stand ups work greak for getting everywhere (ie. underarms). I normally do the lay down like 2 times a week.. every now and then ill do the stand up for even things out! Hope that helps!
  • At the tanning salon that i go to the lay down and the stand up are considered to be the same pressure but the stand up seems to be more powerful. That kinda helps with under the arms and like where your butt is pressed up on the bed for a lay down so you don't get the white spots. I usually go a few times in the lay down and then do a stand up. HTH!

  • I would mix it up between lay down and stand up beds. I agree with the other ladies, it does seem like the stand up beds are more powerful, so watch out! Burned arm pits are no fun! Also, I would get a nice lotion with bronzer.
  • I used to go to Darque Tan, and they had 5 levels of beds. The stand-up there was equivalent to their other #3 beds. I used to do a standing bed every 3-4 times I went tanning. It seemed to even out my underarms and boobs a little better.  Just make sure you tie your hair all the way up into a bun or something though :)
  • I'll second the spray tan, but for your wedding recommend a custom airbrush tan so it wont get messed up. I've used Nicole Fae several times and the tan always comes out perfectly even, and bronzed not orange.  It's only like $40 for an airbrush tan which really isn't much more than one of those autospray booths and unlike the booth Nicole can apply more or less in certain areas to better mimic how you would tan naturally in the sun and avoid telltale signs of the spray tan like dark knees & ankles. The tan lasts about a good week if you follow the guidlines they give you. Nicole is also an amazing makeup artist. I had a destination wedding so I didn't use her for my wedding, but I've seen her work and it is flawless!  http://web.me.com/nicolefae/nicolefae/open.html 
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