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Catering at the Washington County Historic Courthouse

My fiance and I are getting married on June 28th next year. We are having it on a Friday at the courthouse to save money. What we're having a problem with right now is finding a caterer in our price range. We are having 150 people (I tried to cut the guest list but my fiance said no) and my fiance also doesn't want to spend more than 2500 on food. After doing tons of research, it is proving to be very difficult to stay in that price range since my fiance also wants to have an appetizer hour before the actual reception starts. He's not understanding my plees that 2500 is too little for what he wants but he insists that there has got to be something out there. Any suggestions? I've been looking into Brasa which seems like it will be closer 3500 after all is said and done (including the plate and glassware rental.) I've also contacted Angelina's Kitchen in Woodbury and am waiting for a reply. I haven't heard much about their catering but I read an article that seemed to imply that the catering was new this summer, so that might be why. Any experience with them?

I also contacted Buca di Beppo but haven't heard back yet--what do their prices generally look like?

Thanks so much for any and all suggestions!!

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Re: Catering at the Washington County Historic Courthouse

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    I think you need to actually show him these prices and break it down to cost per guest, lay it out like a business. Then maybe he'll back off and understand where you're coming from. Can say, "you know FI, right now this is costing us a grand total of x amount, that's x amount per person. If you want to add the cocktail hour, that's an additional x amount per person and then we'll be spending x amount on everything." 
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    Haha, yeah I'm trying. I think I need to get some sort of quote from 3 or 4 places and show him how much everything really costs. I think I'm also close to talking him out of the appetizers. (Ceremony at 5 and I'm thinking the reception will start at 6 or 6:30, so at the most it will only be an hour, most likely less, from the end of the ceremony to dinner. We'll have some drinks available and they can just wait for food.)

    I thought Brasa would be close to 3500, but after talking with them some more I think we can do 2 chips/dips appetizers and a meat entree with cornbread and two sides for 150 people with the after tax price being like, 2796 or something like that. Also, we're inviting 150 people, but of course our final number will be a bit lower so we can save some money that way.

    Has anyone used Brasa without their full service option--just having them set up the food and then leave? How did you handle managing the buffet/clearing the dishes without staff? Brasa told me many weddings just have them leave the food without servers, but I think that would be stressful.

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    I'm using Brasa for my wedding in a couple of weeks here.  I don't know from experience yet, but I hear they're definitely worth the price.  However, we're keeping their staff to help serve, clean up, etc.  I wouldn't want to have to worry about finding someone else to do that.  It's worth a litlte extra money, IMO.

    Having appetizers for everyone and a full meal at that price might be difficult.  You're not going to find much cheaper than Brasa, at least not anything I'd recommend serving for a wedding.

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    Check with Divine Swine if you're ok with more casual bbq type foods. I've heard really good things about them and some of their packages are in your price range

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