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Hi all - I was really really pleased with my day. There were a few snaffus that happened but it really didn't add up to much.  My nerves probably made it a bigger deal than it actually was.

Mill City Museum - A+
First class service. Brenda P. with D'Amico was my contact throughout and I needed a bit of hand holding. D'Amico is the only vendor allowed for food and drink.  Super fast responsiveness, great ideas.  Budget was tough because I jumped in before thinking of everything thru, but she met my numbers. Many people said it was the best food they ever had at the wedding. We did a buffet and it looked gorgeous. The chairs were set up backwards for the ceremony but it was quickly corrected, however I will still short some seating per what I had requested.  The waitstaff was impeccable.  They fawned over us which was lovely. After all was said and done I ended up with a substantial refund because my party did not end up drinking much.  I had paid by the hour to host but since there was such a big difference, Brenda credited me back and ran it per drink - AWESOME!

Florabella - A++ (Flowers)
Loved Lisa's style.  She just got me. Everything was unique and eclectic just as I wanted. She totally met my budget and threw in some extras as well. I cannot say enough good things about her. First class design.

DJ Jake Rudh- A+
He stuck to exactly the music I laid out. We aren't much for dancers but we still had more people than I would have expected on the floor. Fun guy without too much chatter - perfect.  He also did a nice job of incorporating our swing dancing lesson into the night.

MN Let's Dance - A
The dancers were great fun. We had a ton of people out there for the swing  lessons. I wasn't sure how people would respond, but they were upbeat and made it an easy lesson for everyone.  There was a  little confusion over what time to be there but fortunately they were early and accomodating.

JLundstrom Photography -A++
JL is a friend and I had her in charge of a photobooth area.  The pics were great and people loved it. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Britt and Tamika - Render Photography - A+++
I feel like the best version of myself when I look at these photos. She was totally fun to work with yet very professional.  I had a LONG list of formals and we flew thru them.  I loved the creative shots and my only regret is that we ran long on the hair and missed some photo- time with the FI and WP.  Tamika was the second shooter and just a joy to be around. These girls are the tops. 

Bridal Traditions - C (Wedding dress) Omaha, NE
Very disappointed in the amount of time to get my dress. Down to the wire. In the process I felt like I was lied to over and over. It was added stress I didn't need. I did however get my dress and it was lovely.  I was refunded the cost of the express order as well.

Suburban Bridal - C (bridesmaid dresses) - Omaha, NE
Kind of snotty service. But they had the perfect custom dress in the right color.  None of my girls dresses fit in the underbust measurement and they all ordered correctly.  They still blame it on us. If they all ordered large - then the dresses run small - I'm sorry.

Saavi in Northtown mall - A+
Super easy, nice salespeople.  Made adjustments the day before for us.  Suits were well fitted and looked great.

I DIYed the Candy buffet and invitations. Though I used Minted.com for invites and really like them.
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