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Bach party ideas?

My sis (MOH) is beginning to plan my bachelorette party. She was thinking about starting off at her house in EP then going to Uptown to Chino.  Now going to EP is sorta out of the way for many of the people so she's thinking about getting a hotel room downtown.  I'm not into going to the Drink or 508 and dancing anymore as I've gotten older, but would still like to go out for dinner and drinks. I really love Chino so we might go there, but would like to stay downtown and not have to take cabs so what are some suggestions for a fun place for dinner (besides Buca)?   What about places for drinks after dinner that isn't so young, but yet still upbeat?

I know it's not up to me what we do, but my sister is asking me for suggestions.

Re: Bach party ideas?

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    I love Zhatar which is in the Grand. It's great especially if you like sushi! It even has a more private room you could use.
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    How about Glueck's for drinks afterwards? They have live band karaoke on some weekend nights that you could look into--they also have a back room, which I *believe* is free (but I could be wrong about that).

    Or Brit's for either dinner or drinks?

    Solera feels like a somewhat similar vibe to Chino Latino to me that you could do either dinner or drinks...

    Sounds like a fun night out!

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    We went to Shout House for someone's birthday a couple weeks ago.  Lots of fun and there were people there from all ages.
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    The few times I've gone to the Imperial Room it hasn't been too bad.  A little loud but not overwhelming.  Bootlegger's is also a good option, and the Lodge Bar.

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    I second the Shout House!  We are having a joint "Stag" party the night before the wedding and inviting everyone who is already in town to join us. Its fun no matter what age you are.

    Seven Steakhouse is also great, and it has several different areas - steakhouse, sushi bar, ultra lounge, and rooftop bar.  And - this is amazing - the restaurant doesn't have a corkage fee is you are ordering food.  FI and I ate there before Christmas and brought our own bottle of champagne.
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    I love CRAVE in St. Louis Park or MOA.  It's a really fun atmosphere, great food, and usually has live music. 
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    If people want to go Dancing along with the drinks, I'd recommend the Lounge, the crowd is a super mix of ages, they have VIP tables you can reserve for pretty reasonable prices if you want a table, and they have at least three different rooms for dancing, think its like Latin, Hip Hop and ??? I can't remember. Anyway, its not as meat-markety as some of the "younger" bars, but you can still let loose and have fun :) Or Barrio can be fun, too, but can get pretty crowded, depending on how big of group you go with. Otherwise, Ditto Imperial Room and Solera.

    Good Luck.

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    What about the Melting Pot for dinner? Maybe the Lounge, the Imperial Room or Martini Blu you're looking for dancing. The nice thing about being downtown is that if you're not feeling a particular location--there's another one right next door.
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    I agree with Shout House!  I just threw a bachelorette party and the only reason we didn't en up there is their strict reservation/seating rule.  Your whole party has to be seated by like 7:00, so unless you want to east their food, it's sort of a bummer. 

    We got a really nice suite at the Chambers hotel for pre-party and then Sneaky Pete's- bride's request- it was fun, but def the younger crowd. 
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