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DONE! (with drama and addresses)

Finally finished addressing, stamping, sealing...In the Mail tomorrow!!!It's nice getting something so big accomplished after a horrible last two days of mother drama, lots of tears and mean things said (mostly by mom).  Conclusion to the above drama...  Since I have reluctantly planned nearly all the wedding without mommy's input, which obviously means I do not want her in my life, she will just keep herself out of my life instead of me needing to keep myself away. (sarcastic voice tone, which is hard to depict in writing).This will be an awesome bridal shower Saturday hosted by mom, with the family there to cut the thick tense air.Awesome.

Re: DONE! (with drama and addresses)

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    I think your mom and my mom should get together and go shopping.  :)I know what you mean.  My mom gets that look whenever I bring up anything that I have already picked out.  Reading your post, I could have been just thinking of my trip to see her last week.  Scary.
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    Ugh. I hate that irrational, self-absorbed line of thinking. Sorry you have to deal with that a day before your shower :(. Hopefully there will be enough guests that you'll still be able to enjoy yourself...
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    Sounds just like my mom. Weddings can bring out such a different side of people. Although my mom acts the same no matter what, I wish I could blame it on the wedding but that is just her.
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    sjs-  Tell me about it!  if it weren't the wedding making her act psycho, it would be something else...It just sucks, and It's so stupid and hurtful.What she doesn't realize is that yes, I booked all the vendors myself, but no... I have not picked flowers with the florist, I have not chosen Music for the dance, I have not even tasted cake... The fun stuff is left that she has pushed herself out of.
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