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alterations for bridesmaid dress

Hi. I have scanned through the posts a bit looking for someone to alter my bridesmaid dress. Just wondering if there is anyone besides Linda Hine. It just seems like she is super busy and i want more than one person to call. I am in an out-of-state wedding at the end of april and my dress is from a boutique that is 12 hours from where i live. I lost a lot of weight since ordering the dress (wasn't trying, just kind of happened with a new more active job) and my dress fell to the ground when i put it on. it took like 4 months to order the first time, so def not enough time to get another.

For my wedding dress last year I had my alterartions done up in cleveland since i didn't want to stress over the alterations if they took a bit longer and the wedding was in cleveland. it was such a pain to drive the 3 hours for each fitting for my wedding gown, not sure i want to do it for a bridesmaid dress even though i think she did a great job and her prices are super cheap. I don't think my current work schedule will allow me to even coordinate something like that.

Any suggestions for the Columbus area would be great. I mainly just need the top taken in a lot, i am fine with the roomier hips even though it is supposed to be a tight dress, and the hem finished.

my email is [email protected] if you want to send the info private rather than posting here. i will be checking back on the boards later tonight! thanks everyone!!

Re: alterations for bridesmaid dress

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    I got my wedding gown altered where I purchased it. I have heard good things about Linda Hines.

    Here is a thread that may help you:  http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_ohio-columbus_just-moved-here-need-new-seamstress

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    I've had a great experience with Alterations Expert on Lazelle just south of Polaris.
    She altered my wedding dress and I got back within 2 weeks with only 1 fitting. And it was well priced too!

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  • darby22darby22
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    Mira's Tailoring & Alterations
    1335 Dublin Road
    Suite 109C
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
    phone: 614.488.3090

    I used Mira for a couple of bridesmaids dresses that I needed altered.  She also did a few of the bridesmaids dress for my wedding.  
  • PolarBearFansPolarBearFans
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    Thanks everyone!!
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    Damian (Damians Expert Tailoring) on Bethel road does amazing work.  I met him years ago when he altered my beaded prom dress.  Sigh, still love that dress...

    Anyway, I sent a bridesmaid and my mom to him for wedding garb and he did a fantastic job.  Very reasonable prices too.  I would have used him for my dress but turns out the seamstress at the shop I bought my dress is a miracle worker haha. 
  • Cassandra999Cassandra999
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    I had a bridesmaid dress altered at Fine Tailoring in Powell.  They were very nice and did a good job. but I would caution you to get the alterations done early.  When I went to pick up my dress on the day scheduled.  It wasn't there.  The wife had taken my dress home to work on and hadn't brought it back yet.  I was on my way out of town to the wedding so I needed it!  Her husband called her and she brought it right in.   It was my fault for waiting til the last minute to pick it up.  At the same time they should have had it back in the store on the scheduled pick up day, but they were nice about bringing it right in.  
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