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Name change

Does anyone know the procedures for changing one's last name in Dakota County? I know it has to wait until after the wedding because I'll need my marriage license, but is there any paperwork I can fill out now? Thanks

Re: Name change

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    It's all the same throughout the state/country, nothing specific to county. Start with either your DL or SS card and then the rest will follow. You'll need your marriage certificate (not license) that will come in the mail.
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  • Maria92609Maria92609 member
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    If you want to get a head start, you can get the forms online for your DL (from the Dakota Co. website) and SS card (from SS website) and fill them out ahead of time, but you can't actually submit them without the certificate.  I also got the necessary forms to change my name/beneficiary info on my health insurance etc, at work and filled them out in advance.  It was really slick, I gave them to HR before the wedding, they submitted them the Monday after, we got home from our honeymoon and had new insurance cards, etc. waiting for us.
  • wittyschaffywittyschaffy member
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    ditto pps - social security stuff you can download and fill in ahead which will save you a little time but to actually do anything about changing things you have to wait until you have the real certificate of marriage from the state.  I was pleasantly surprised that I only had to wait at the Social Security office a half hour and my card was done in a week.  I'm still waiting on my Driver's License nearly 3 weeks later.  boooo.
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    Thanks ladies! I forgot about health insurance cards! I'd better find my checklist! thanks again!!!
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