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4 month stress out - anyone else?

Ever since I hit the 4 month mark last week I've been stressing out that things aren't going to get done! All my vendors are booked but I haven't started my diy projects (I have 3 that will take some time) groomsmen attire isn't picked - I could make a list of like 40 little things that all add up and are stressing me out! (I made this list last week which I think was a mistake) it probably doesn't help I recently moved to ny and my wedding is in fl so all those little things suddenly seem more difficult. Is anyone else stressing? I think I just wanted to hear other people are too and then I'll calm down and know it's a normal feeling :)
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Re: 4 month stress out - anyone else?

  • I am right there with you. I made a list of everything that still has to be done and I have no idea how it is going to happen. I still need to book the cater, figure out the invites, finish all the little projects that I seem to have started but not finished. Plus I am getting very frustrated that every time I think I have help to do something the person suddenly can't help, which I know no one is obligated to help, but then do not tell me you will. My fiancée is telling me to calm down it will all get done, but after I made the list I just freaked out about it.

    I am sure it is normal and everything will be fine. I just worry a lot about things and I keep thinking I will feel better when the holidays are over and I can just give all my attention to the wedding.
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  • I agree I thi k the holidays are adding to it for sure - and my fi says the same thing to me but it just frustrates me cause I'm like you're just saying it will get done to calm me down. I know it all will work out - it's those lists that are bad news bears
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  • I'm at the 4mth mark as of tom and im def stressing out!!
  • We don't have tuxes or bridesmaid dresses secured yet, AND we still have to register for gifts and take our engagement pictures so I'm stressing about all of that.  But, it'll work out.  I know Christmas isn't helping, but that's almost over.
    BM dress shopping is happening Monday (finally!), and we're taking our engagement pics on 1/8, and we'll register in early January and tackle the tux rentals then too.  Other than that, all vendors are done, and DIY projects are half done.  I hate half done projects and stalled to-do lists that I keep looking at without being able to check stuff off the list!
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  • Yeah- I am stressing a bit, but DD has done so much early on that I just keep telling myself that we are in a good position so I need to calm down and just let myself enjoy the holidays, then we will forge ahead come January 2!  :)

    Not only is Christmas adding to the stress, we have her shower the Friday after Christmas, then New Year's day is DH's 50th Bday!!  Ack!  DD #1/MOH will be home in two days, so then we will be able to finalize shower stuff and I will feel more in control.  LOL
  • I'm more excited than stressed! But, I know once 2012 hits, I'll be freaking out, too. I still have a LONG list of to-dos, but I know they'll all get done and it's not worth getting too stressed about. Have fun and take a deep breath!
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  • Definitely having a freak out, too.  I wrote down things I still have to do and have 4 1/2 pages!  FI told me to not worry about it until after the holidays, but then I had a minor meltdown that after the holidays we're going to be 3mo out.  Thankfully I have this board to keep me calm and after the holidays things go on sale so I can accomplish a lot then.
  • I had an absolute meltdown on Sunday. I think it had to do with my work stress, but my FI thinks it's wedding stress. I was really stressed when we first were engaged, but then I planned everything & it has been smooth sailing since. Now that everything is starting up again, it's getting stressful.

    Like we recently decided to get a videographer, so now I'm on the hunt for one & I have a billion DIY projects to do. Yikes! 
  • today marks month four for me too. and yea the holidays are making me feel extra pressure because once the new yr comes, its crunch times ladies, we can do it. we have come this far
  • I'm starting to feel some stress (but I think thats mostly b/c I have to defend a PhD thesis the same month as my wedding).  I think we all are going to be just fine! After vendors and attire are booked, the rest are details.
  • I am beginning to get that way too, esp when I think that after the holidays we will be at about 3 months out!  ah!  We have everything secured other than the guys attire, but we know what we want, just need to make it to the store!  I need to order invites, but need a vp deal!  I keep thinking and seeing  things (diy board is no bueno, kinda ;)) that I need to do and my list gets longer.  It will all come together tho and if something is forgotten, us brides will probably be the only ones to notice.

    The other day I freaked out b/c as few OOT guests we have I was hoping with the FIL's 2 tahoes they could take people to the airport (voluntarily) the sunday after since we will be leaving early for the HM and FI asked me in front of his dad how OOT guests are getting there.  I didnt wanna be like well your parents, but...Thanks!  I just said idk...My dad was like dont worry well rent a car if we have to. lol all the little things....geez!
  • I'm stressing too. I think it's the holidays and work, and 4 months just sounds so close! I've been getting migraines and fatigue, too, but I think it's probably stress related. Like a lot of others, it's all the little details now.
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  • I can definitely relate. I'm chalking it up to the combo of holiday and wedding stress w/ a little work stress thrown in there, and hoping that once the holidays pass the pressure will start to let up a little bit.
  • Same here! Just got a new job that requires me to be very "on call" so to speak, so I feel like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada! I always have to have and answer my phone!!! This combined with learning the ropes of the new job, holiday travel/plans, and my other job, AH! Not to mention I have a fiance' and friends in there somewhere! 
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  • I can relate to all of you!!  I am stressed too and FI keeps saying "dont worry it will all get done" as he sits on the couch eating potato chips.  Grrrrrr.  That frustrates me even more!  I don't think men understand all the planning involved with a wedding (i am not sure I fully understand yet either!)  But I am sure we will get it all done.  Thank you all for making me feel better and not "alone"!!! 
  • I'll join the club!

    I've had at least 2-3 "nightmares" about the wedding in the past few weeks.  All my vendors are booked, and we have a planning trip in mid January for food tasting & menu selection (DW to Hawaii).  So I'll have to order my invitations (still shopping) and list our menu choices before we actually get a chance to do tasting.  Once I find out new estimated food/bev costs then I'll see if it's still within budget to hire a DOC!  Oops... and I need to work on timeline so I know what time to list for ceremony start on our invitations, I'm trying to time things with sunset and still fit it within our 10pm event end time.  BM dresses are done and and we plan to hit after christmas sales for our GM attire.  But I still have that fear of what am I forgetting??

    Good luck everyone!

  • I think we are all having our stress out moments at this point and be prepared there will be MANY more! That being said I agree with MDPHD that once vendors are booked and all attire is taken care of everything else is just a detail. And while these details matter they will magically fall into place over the next couple of months. I am with you on the DIY projects I still have a few im not finished with and that is causing all my stress right now. Man who knew pomanders would be my major wedding stress LOL.
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  • You guys are not alone! I've been having nightmares like crazy...  I'm actually kind of OK for the moment, working on invites and other piddly things.. and trying to book an outrageously priced shuttle for guest transportation.. but.. my fiance lives in Australia, moves here permanantly Feb 20th.. so once that day hits, it'll be nuts doing all the things we havne't been able to do.. rings, tux, engagement photos, tasting.. ahhhh!!!!  I get anxious just thinking about all that!  But yes.. I keep hearing the same thing, it will all work out... breathe.... 
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  • I an so stressed out right now. I have a bunch if DIY projects to do. Hopefully I will get most of them done next week while we are in NOLA so I can leave them at FIs house. So much to do and the time seems to be moving fastest the closer the day gets.
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  • Me too!  I was sitting in my FMIL office the other day stressing, My FH looked at me and said "You wanna get married" I said yes, then he said "I wanna get married, See it's simple"!  MEN!  No it's NOT simple!  But we will make it, I'm gonna make a list!
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_april-2012-weddings_4-month-stress-out-anyone-else?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:05427f07-4ba2-44d6-9271-99a7af1ee5c0Discussion:7021884c-1789-4041-95f9-c87356f75daePost:2e279414-2234-4103-9bdf-278289a85365">Re: 4 month stress out - anyone else?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm more excited than stressed! But, I know once 2012 hits, I'll be freaking out, too. I still have a LONG list of to-dos, <strong>but I know they'll all get done and it's not worth getting too stressed about.</strong> Have fun and take a deep breath!
    Posted by omegosh[/QUOTE]

    I wish I had your attitude! I can't help but stress out over things! I always worry too much  :/
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_april-2012-weddings_4-month-stress-out-anyone-else?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:05427f07-4ba2-44d6-9271-99a7af1ee5c0Discussion:7021884c-1789-4041-95f9-c87356f75daePost:f2864d0d-009a-40ab-a406-258097dde4c8">Re: 4 month stress out - anyone else?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm starting to feel some stress (but I think thats mostly b/c I have to defend a PhD thesis the same month as my wedding).  I think we all are going to be just fine! After vendors and attire are booked,<strong> the rest are details.</strong>
    Posted by mdphd[/QUOTE]

    it's these details that are driving me crazy!!! there's too many details!! ahhhhh LOL
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  • i am freaking out!
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  • There are so many details. It's kind of our own fault, when you think of it. If I had know how much stress they would incur, I'd have trashed the idea from the beginning! I spent a few hours over the weekend hot gluing strips of lace to about 50 votive candles...I now no longer have fingerprints.

    To make matters worse, I have a slight heart murmur (nothing life threatening or anything). When I'm under stress, I start to feel weird palpitations. It started really bad during my last semester at college. I had a whole 1 month heart monitor to figure it out. I'm totally fine. The palpitations don't affect my health in any way, they're just annoying, slightly painful & kinda freaky! They're coming back. I started feeling it again last weekend. Ugh!

    I don't even celebrate any holiday, so I don't have that to use as an excuse. I can't even imagine how it is for you ladies. We're under 4 months now. I just received my first wedding gift. This is REAL!
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