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the wedding shoppe - reviews

I got my dress from The Wedding Shoppe and LOVED it. Mostly because of the quality of the dresses and the girl knew what I wanted. I have heard lots of mixed reviews about the Wedding Shoppe though... what do you all think???

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Re: the wedding shoppe - reviews

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    I have heard a lot of mixed reviews with them, too.  I ordered my dress through them and that experience went perfectly.  Helpful, not pushy, friendly and my dress came in fast (not that that has anything to do with them) and fit perfectly.  We are also ordering BM dresses through them which has also gone well.  We have worked with Anne a few times and I loved her!  I've heard more people having problems with BM dresses and sizing more than anything else there so I guess well see when we get ours in. 

    But so far, so good with my experience there as well!
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    I got my dress at the wedding shoppe. My consultant Jackie was very helpful and she knew exactly what i was looking for from my vague descriptions. I LOVED my experience there. They were not pushy at all and accomodated me very well! I would recommend them to anyone looking.
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    I got my dress from there and had a great experience so far.  My mom got her MOB dress there for my stepsister's wedding and my only complainant is that when we went to pick up the dress they were a little rude about it.  My mom had made an appt to pick it up on a Friday but found herself in on Grand Ave earlier that week so we went in just to pick up the dress.  They were really rude about the whole thing saying how busy they were.  But my mom just told them she'd take the dress and try it on at home and they were adament that she try it on there.  I mean I realize they want ppl to have appts but seriously it's not like we live a block away and easily drive over there everyday.  Otherwise things have been great there for us. 
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    I really enjoyed my dress shopping experience and found my dress there as well.  I did come in with a very specific idea of what I wanted and my consultant, Katy, pulled everything that fit my requirements.  I also tried on some ridiculously expensive ones that I knew weren't quite my style just for fun :)

    My younger sister also bought her dress there and had a good experience like I did, but the manufacturer sent the wrong dress!  That was more a mistake on the manufacturer's end than the Wedding Shoppe and WS was very helpful at getting the mistake corrected... especially since my sister had a very short timeframe for getting the dress and getting alterations taken care of.

    I didn't enjoy the bridesmaid dress shopping part as much... they really need to find somewhere besides the basement for that!  It was cramped, smelled a bit odd and all my bridesmaids had to share one changing room, which was a bit uncomfortable for them.  Despite the less than pleasant experience for that... their bridesmaid dress prices sure can't be beat!  If David's Bridal had the right color that I was looking for, I probably would have had my bridesmaids go there instead.
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    I loved going there. I bought my dress from there and it came in much more quickly than expected. I wasn't living in MN and had planning in it coming in closer to Christmas so I could get it but they were great about holding it for me longer and didn't complain or anything, just asked that I came and got it as soon as possible. I didn't want a sales person following me around and they let me look through the dresses and do my own thing.

    BM dress shopping was great too. I had a pretty good idea what I was looking for and they pulled the dresses that fit that idea. All the girls' dresses actually came in today  and look great!
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    I went to the WS to try on dresses that I had found on their website and called and asked if they were at the store as well, which they said they had. I waited  one whole month to go and try on these dresses only to find out that they never even had the dresses I wanted. I ended up buying  a my dress from them and they were really good about trying to find similar dresses.    I guess they didnt live up to my expectations
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    I didn't shop for my dress there, but did for BM dresses and the experience wasn't so great.  Being cramped in a basement with a ton of people all trying to look at the same dresses isn't my idea of fun.  Our consultant kept taking phone calls and disappearing, so I just ended up picking out dresses, many of which would not work out because of one of our young, very small BM. I ended up going back to Macy's (where I purchased my dress) and we picked out a beautilful dress that was $105!? Can't beat that and their one-on-one service can't either.  I have heard so many mixed reviews on the WS and I believe they can afford to offer less than exceptional service to every customer because they know they are a popular and well-known shop, therefore I have not, and will not ever recommend them to anyone I know....there are too many other places in MN that can offer excellent service to everyone, even on weekends :)
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    I bought my dress from there and so far I havent had any issues. I had a great experience trying on dresses and mine just got ordered so far so good!!!
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    I bought my dress there and had a lot of issues.  While I was trying on dresses they were really great - helpful, not pushy.  When they measured me they told me my size, which I questioned b/c I'm fairly small and it just sounded too big.  I was reassured that it would fit right.  The dress came in quickly but unfortunately didn't fit well at all.  It was at least two sizes too big and on top of that it looked awful - some of the beading was missing, flowers crunched etc.  The staff was super unhelpful and rude.  We ended up calling the manager, who was very nice and everything ended up getting taken care of.  Then later I ordered my shoes from there and after waiting for 7 weeks for them to call me (as they said they would), I ended up calling them to find out if they were ready.  I was just annoyed by how unorganized and unhelpful they seem to be.
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    I had actually planned on getting my dress at Heartstrings Bridal. Really cute little store with a local feel that I fell in love with when my sister was dress shopping. Ended up getting my dress at Wedding Shoppe though and I can tell you NO ONE has their selection. I just couldn't find any dresses at Heartstrings that I *loved*.  There were tons of dresses at the Wedding Shoppe that I really liked including the one I eventually ordered of course. :) My dress is in but I haven't picked it up yet (thanks snow) so I can't really review their service dept yet..
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    I bought my dress from WS. I had a great experience. I went in looking to try on a specific dress I had found on the website. They had the dress in stock but not in my size, I'm a bigger gal, and the dress was too small to put on, but the sales gal held up the dress so I could tell what it would look like. I purchased the dress and it came in much faster than I expected. When I tried it on, it looked great. I'm between sizes, so I do need to do some alterations, when trying on the dress I noticed a slight flaw (my dress is two in one, a cocktail dress with an attachable ball gown skirt) where the skirt attaches to the dress, they fixed it in less than 15 min and I was able to leave the shop with my repaired dress the same day. Over all I loved my experience.
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    I ordered my dress through them. I haven't had any issues as of yet and I had a great experience when I was shopping there. I was torn between two dreeses and had almost all the consultants in the store taking votes on which one they thought I'd pick. My mom overheard a couple of the consultants talking about how perfect the one I ended up picking was for me.
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    I did not have a good experience.  My consultant was rushed and pushy, and she didn't really listen to me.  The dressing room was in a high-traffic area yet the curtain wouldn't close all the way, so I felt kind of exposed.  There were several dresses on their website that I liked, but they didn't have a single one of them in the store.  Needless to say, I did not order my dress there!

    The other stores that I went to (Mestad's and Angelique's) were so much better.  I ended up ordering my dress from Angelique's, and I've had a great experience so far. 
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    [QUOTE]I did not have a good experience.  My consultant was rushed and pushy, and she didn't really listen to me.  The dressing room was in a high-traffic area yet the curtain wouldn't close all the way, so I felt kind of exposed.  There were several dresses on their website that I liked, but they didn't have a single one of them in the store. Posted by veritasatori[/QUOTE]

    Yes- exactly what happened to me! I bet we were in the same stupid dressing room- the very first one once you walk up the stairs. You would think they would at least have the curtain close all the way- everyone in there probably saw my bits and pieces at one point or another.
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    I had a decent experience, although I did not purchase my dress there.  I think the reason it went well is because I polled everyone here about their consultant and booked with one of the more popular ones among the MSP Knotties.  I do wish that they had more than one kind of silhouette for plus-size girls to try, though.
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    I haven't posted on here in such a long time! I had a so-so experience at the WS. I felt rushed and was annoyed that my consultant actually made comments about another bride that was trying on dresses at the same time, but said very little about the dresses I was trying on. I did not but my dress there, but if you found something you love, go for it!
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    I did not shop at the Wedding Shoppe, but we got my sister's dress there, my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding, and my mom's dress for my sister's wedding. They were reasonably nice and helpful when we were shopping. However, it was very crowded when we were there. They however convinced my sister to order a smaller dress than she should have. Also they wouldn't do alterations on any of our dresses, which we didn't find out till later. Luckily the person who did alterations on my sisters dress did a wonderful job, but putting on a wedding dress that was too small (and was ordered too small) was horrible. When my mom and I discussed where to shop for my dress and the bridesmaid dresses, we both agreed we would not go back to the wedding shoppe. 
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    I got my dress at Macy's Bridal Salon they had a BM dress I liked but it was $328 after the discount! YIKES! So I went to the Wedding Shoppe and had a pretty bad experience. Our sales associate's attitude completely changed once she learned I did not purchase my dress there. I told her what I was looking for and all she said was go look at our racks and start pulling. I was with 2 of my BMs and they were in one room as well. And after our Sales Lady told us to start pulling I never saw her again until we were leaving an hour to 1.5 hrs later. I was super peeved by her, I booked my apt months in advance and she gave me an attitude like she didn't want to be bothered with us.
    We ended up at Mestad's and I could not have been happier with the service and selection!
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    I have had mostly bad experiences there, but they have some advantages.

    Wedding gown shopping:  The consultant was very nice, but she completely sided with my mom and friend about what dress was right for me, rather than taking my side.  Not the way to make a sale.  Maybe she didn't realize that I was the one footing the bill for the dress, not my mom.

    Bridesmaid dress shopping:  As a bridesmaid, I have been there a few times and sales people were rather short, bordering on rude.  The prices also used to be high as well, but they seem to have dropped and are much better now. 

    Despite my bad past experiences, we did end up buying the bridesmaid dresses for my wedding from TWS because their selection just can't be beat. I have six bridesmaids and one just had a baby and another one is due a month before the wedding, so I wanted everyone to be able to choose their own dress.  In the end, we were able to find a style for everyone in the same color in the B2 line.  However, we had A LOT of issues.  Rude salespeople, lost paperwork, incorrect information, etc...  I hope to God everything is okay when the dresses come in.
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