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Epic Vow Wedding Photography Groupon PSA

$599 for Wedding or Event Photography Session from Epic Vow Wedding Photography ($1,358 Value)

^^^ So, for some reason, my work computer isn't letting me open the actual Groupon or post the link. I don't know anything about this photographer, but it sounds like a great deal!

Re: Epic Vow Wedding Photography Groupon PSA

  • Were you able to find any information on this photographer? The only thing I have seen so far is a BBB page stating that this company is probably not in business anymore. Maybe the photographer is returning from a hiatus, but it still makes me nervous.
  • We used an groupon for Epic Vow for our wedding and we were not treated well.  I'm posting this review on all threads related to Epic Vow to share our experience. 

    We had a terrible experience with Epic Vow.  The weeks before the wedding Nicole rarely responded to emails confirming details and when she did respond, she'd confirm the wrong location/time.  She contracted out our photographer and did not notify us about this until a few days before the wedding.  He was great, but she still did all the editing of the images, which resulted in the creative intentions of the photographer being lost.  We had a long check list of pictures we wanted taken the day of our wedding - many of these pictures were missing from the edited images (she only edited 170 pictures from 4 hours, 1000 total images were taken).  We had to email back and forth for several weeks until we finally received a disk of the unedited images 3 1/2 months after our wedding.  The disks arrived in an envelope addressed to the wrong address (despite the fact that we had confirmed the correct one three times) and my first name was incorrect!  The disk with the edited images wasn't even from our wedding.  We're extremely disappointed and we do not feel the time and effort was spent to ensure a quality product.  DO NOT RECOMMEND!
  • I wouldn't recommend this photographer Nicole Daniels/Epic Vow to my worst enemy. She was pleasant at the wedding but went MIA with my photos for over a year. I tried to contact her via email, facebook, telephone, Groupon, the BBB with ZERO success. My husband and I finally hired a lawyer and tried contacting her that way to get our photos. We were about to proceed with taking her to court when she sent a blanket email blast announcing a new feature on her website where you could "instantly" download your photo gallery. After consulting our lawyer we did used this feature and got our photos (even though the gallery is STILL missing a few very key shots that we requested, including a photo of us with my husband's grandparents) and it worked. Our year long nightmare was over. AND THEN she poured salt in the wound and sent another blanket email announcing a 1/2 off sale off the purchase of your gallery. How insulting. I still have never received any direct correspondence, apology, explanation, etc from the terrible business person. DO NOT USE HER. TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO NEVER USE HER! Through our nightmare, I met 3 other brides via facebook that used her and had a similarly horrible experience with this woman/company.
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