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Outdoor Picture Locations! and Landmark Center Question

Hi, everyone!

I posted this question a few months ago, but I'm hoping to get some more varied responses this time around. My wedding is in early January, and I'd love some outdoor pictures of the bridal party! But realistically, there's no way we'll be able to stand outside without some heavy duty winter gear for very long. There's even the chance that it will be so cold out that we won't get any outdoor pictures at all.

So this big question is...where do we go for pictures? I need somewhere that has nice scenery outside (FI and I are more into natural settings than urban/industrial) but with the option of going indoors without spending more money (so not the Como conservatory!). We can't stay at our church because there is another wedding right after ours. Previously, people had suggested Rice Park. While I love it there, FI isn't totally sold on the idea and wants to keep looking. Any other suggestions? The ceremony is in St. Paul and reception is in Minneapolis, so either city (or their immediate surrounding suburbs) is fine with us.

Here's my next question: if we were to go to Rice Park, does anyone have any experience taking pictures inside the Landmark Center without having rented it for your ceremony/reception? From the sounds of their website, they are pretty lenient about it as long as you don't disturb anything going on inside, but I've been having trouble getting someone to return my calls and thought I'd see if anyone here had taken pictures there.

Thank you!

Re: Outdoor Picture Locations! and Landmark Center Question

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    I used to work at the Landmark and there were many people who did outdoor pictures in the park. It was really pretty! The river runs nearby and there might be some good photo ops there, too. Or possibly near the cathedral a few blocks away.

    As far as I know the Landmark is a museum and people can just come and go through it freely. I never heard of anyone having to pay to take photos in there. If you can't get through on the phone, if you have time I might just stop in. That way you can get an idea of what your pictures would be like and you could talk to one of the workers at the front desk. They are old and bored so would probably be glad to help.
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    I work in Landmark Center. Here is a document with the rules for photography in the building. They are pretty lenient. But just as an FYI keep in mind that during the day lots of people work and visit the building and it's a huge pain when a photographer and the couple block the entire stairway for their photos, in fact I think that's forbidden in these rules.

    Hope this is helpful! https://docs.google.com/open?id=1nnu1yoV-gUG3MirxMFkRWboPRiMQQnMqEb0yogkiIUviK0CLKNVElOTFgM9y

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