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Knot Guest List: I MAY GO INSANE


A few weeks ago, you all were very helpful helping me navigate the new Knot Guest List Manager. Thank you!

But, even after a few more weeks, now that I know how to use it, it is EXTREMELY slow.  It takes 10 or more minutes just to load an update from one guest's rsvp status (and there are so many to do!).  I've tried it on multiple computers, home and work, so I know it's not my internet connection (plus the rest of the knot works great).

Is anyone else having this problem? Have you figured out a way to make it faster?

I'd give up completely, but we already have about 50% of our rsvps entered into it...so all of that work would go to waste...and it's already all organized there.

Please help! 
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Re: Knot Guest List: I MAY GO INSANE

  • edited December 2011
    that should NOT take that long at all, GOSH I'm so sorry... I'd go insane too.

    I'd say export the list and update it locally and then import it back into the knot, but The chance for mistake is too much to risk at that point.  I know once I exported and changed a few things and then when I imported it back.. I had everyone in the guestlist twice.  It took me HOURS to clean up the mess I made.

    I guess I'd say.. put it on your laptop and open it while your watching a movie.. so the process isn't SO painful.

    My list doesn't take nearly that long, really no clue why yours is so slow. Frown
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