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Are any of you planning on having a photo display of pictures of you and FH growing up? I would love to do this but I'm not exactly sure how, my weddings a little more on the formal side and everything i find for ideas is more on the casual end of the spectrum (although really cute!)

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    We had a pretty formal wedding and still had a slideshow during dinner to showcase those photos. Everyone loved it!!

    Another option is getting a variety of coordinating frames (I like using same color but various sizes and shapes to keep it interesting) and displaying them on a table, perhaps near the entrance of your reception space. A lot of people do this on their guestbook table and it looks very nice.
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    We didn't do photos of us growning up, but instead of a photo booth, we did an interactive photo wall.  We made a plywood wall, wallpapered it, and cut out two holes and framed them with old picture frames.  Then we put old family photos all around it.  Guests could stand behind the wall and stick their heads in the framed holes and have their pictures taken (like they were in our family photo wall).  We had a tripod set up with a digital camera and put the pics on our website so they could download them later.  You could do something similiar only use pictures of yourselves.  I have instructions on how to make it in my bio.

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    I have been tossing the idea around. FI doesn't have a lot of pictures and his family lives in NM, so coordinating with them is difficult. If we do it we will probably just get a few photos (like a baby pic, school day, halloween, teen year etc. pic for each of us) and put them in some pretty little dollar store frames next to the guest book or escort cards. I don't think that it would take away from the formality of the event as long as they were not a focal point. I don't personally think that slide shows are great additions to really formal events, but if they're put on a laptop in a corner then people can watch at their leisure. 
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    To piggyback on Bimbi's post, we didn't have pictures of ourselves (we had our parents, grandparents, etc) but our wedding was rather formal and this is what ours wound up looking like (see DIY page in bio for a full size pic of the draft). I would think you could totally incorporate childhood pics without sacrificing formality as long as you keep the frames formal.
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    We're going to do a heritage table with parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents/great grandparents, but probably not any of us.  I suppose we could, but it's not really important to us.  He has pictures of himself when he was little, it'd be harder for me to get them from my mom, since she never wants to help with anything.
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    We did a lot with photos. We did this for our slideshow (really more of a video):

    We did the photo wall for guests at the reception. The photos are of us and our parents, grandparents, etc at their weddings, and our pets:

    And for the table names we used locations special to us with a photo of us in that place, like this:

    Married and lovin' it!
    Our Wedding! (click.)
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