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My dress is in SUPER early!  I ordered it from Brides of France in October, and they told me it'd be six months!  I was expecting to get it in around April, but here it is!  So exciting!

Re: wowowowow!

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    Hey! I ordered mine in October too from Brides of France... which dress did you get? That is such good news for you! I would love to see mine come in early too :)
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    I got the Fanal!
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    Me too! Did you do the oyster or the off white?

    I stupidly didn't figure out some way to get a color sample of the dress in the off white (maybe by using paint samples or some fabric samples in shades of white--they don't have any fabric samples for the dress) so when I was looking for a flower girl's dress, I was hesitant to buy one without knowing if the whites will clash.

    If you are doing the off white, what are you thinking for a flower girl dress (if you are doing a flower girl).
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    Hi!  I am so excited to see the dress and try it on, yay!  We're not having a flower girl though.  Also, I got the Oyster color, so It's really an odd color.  However, I think that no matter what color you get for the flower girl it would look great.  It will be close enough I would think.  There will be so many other shades around that no one will compare I wouldn't think.  It'll look amazing whatever you decide! 
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