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Off site cater's and catering questions!

Does anyone know of any off-site caterer's that allow you to purchase all of your own liquor and their bartenders will serve it?

If not I wouldf love sdome suggestions for caterer's we are paying for are wedding ourselves so we are thinking about doing a buffet style meal. Has anyone done a buffet, and do you have any suggestions if you did it?

Re: Off site cater's and catering questions!

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    I think a lot of caterers (most, maybe) do not require you use alcohol through them. Our caterers were The Deco (amazing, incredible food, service and display) and we didn't use their caterers for bartending because our venue required we use their bartenders.

    As for buffet, we did that and it worked out beautifully! The food was incredible and all 200 people got through quickly. I suggest doing a double-sided buffet for sure, as it goes twice as fast, and I also suggest picking 2-3 main entrees with 1 being vegetarian, one being a red meat and one being a chicken, fish or other white meat.
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    I would check out this link for caterer recommendations as well.

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