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Minnesota-Minneapolis and St. Paul

Engaged Today!!!!! ------LONG

Hey Ladies!

SO I will try to sum this up as best as I can....But Honestly, I suck at summing things up so bear with me please :) I am just so excited I had to share immediately!!!

This morning my "boyfriend" Jeff woke up at 6am and shortly after that, he so very sweetly woke me up.. I barely had my eyes open and there he was just smiling from ear to ear.  Meanwhile, our dog Hank heard we were awake so he jumped up on the bed to get a little morning snuggle in because that is a pretty normal routine on the weekends at our house...  So Hank is halfway laying on me and then halfway laying on Jeff.  At that point Jeff started speaking very seriously which is out of the norm for him when he is at home because he has to be so serious at his job...  This is as best as I can remember..
"Molly, you are everything I have ever wanted and so very much more.  You are the one I  never thought I would find.  You are a true blessing in my life and my very best friend.  If we are still doing this exact same thing 20,30,40,50 years down the road then I will be the luckiest man in the world, a man that has been given the greatest gift of all.. An Amazing woman to love but also a woman that loves me right back.  With that being said... Molly, I love you more than you could ever imagine and nothing would make me happier than to spend the rest of my life with you!  WILL YOU MARRY ME!?
Then I said " YES!!!! YES!!!!  It would be an honor to marry you Jeffrey and there is nothing else that would make me happier than to spend the rest of my life with YOU!!!   
Then there were some tears and a lot of excitement and laughter!  In my mind he could not have done it any other way that would have made it more special!!! 

He proposed to me with his Grandmother's wedding ring that she left for him. His Grandma left it with Jeff's Mother and  there was only one rule attached to the ring.. Grandma said that only if Jeff's Mom approved of the woman that would be marrying Jeff, then and only then could she give the ring and stunning diamond Pendant to Jeff to use as he saw fitting.  I literally sobbed because it meant so much to me that out of everyone in his family they wanted me to wear it!  Then I found out that Jeff is also building me my own wedding ring as well.   His Grandmother's Ring is gorgeous and antique and the best part of it.... THE STORY BEHIND IT!!  My Fiance Jeff's Grandfather was stationed over in Hawaii.  While he was away he realized that the gorgeous, young woman waiting back home for him faithfully was the one for him... So he went out and found the most reputable jeweler and had a gorgeous platinum and diamond wedding ring made for her.  From there on out... the ring never left his side. It was usually in a pocket on his Navy Uniform.  2 days later... PEARL HARBOR happened He was on one of the ships that the bombed and It's a miracle in itself that he was able to swim his way back to what he thought was a safe ship...  Needless to say he went thru one nightmare after nightmare but kept fighting!!!  Such an honorable man!!!  He made it thru and to his surprise so did the ring!!!!!  He had some pretty bad injuries that sent him home right away and he didn"t wait one second to ask Nina to marry him!!!!  NOW THIS SAME RING THAT HAS SO MANY MEMORIES AND SO MUCH LOVE engrained in it IS ON MY HAND!!!!!!!!!  AMAZING!  What an honor!!!!

Thanks for getting thru it!  sorry it was sooooo long! 

Re: Engaged Today!!!!! ------LONG

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