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Rehearsal dinner suggestions?

I am really lost on this one. My future in-laws are paying for it but I don't know what kind of feel it should have. Our reception food will either be Green Mill or Lancer Catering with nice selections buffet style.

Did you have it catered in and used your church space?
Did you have it at a restaurant?
Who is typically invited?

I'm just looking for suggestions on what you have decided for yours so I can gather some ideas for us. Thanks!
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Re: Rehearsal dinner suggestions?

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    We had ours at a restaurant and booked their private room.  We invited all of our attendants and their S/Os, our Grandparents, any of the people who were doing something in the wedding (reader, etc.) and their S/O, and our parents.  

    Some folks also choose to invite their out of town guests but since that was a huge chunk of our guest list, it would have been like having another reception so we skipped it.
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    We're doing ours at a restaurant, but originally I just wanted to do a laid back bbq at our place.  FI's dad then offered to pay for it and had good restaurant suggestions for not too expensive, so we went with that.  Less work for us. 

    However, I've been in a few weddings that just had pizza delivered to the church fellowship hall for after the rehearsal.  If you're on a strict budget, something like that's always a good possibility.

    As far as attendees... we invited immediate family and their SO's and kids and our bridal party and their SO's and kids.

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    You typically only invite your WP, their S/Os and/or children, parents, grandparents and anyone else who will be doing something day of like readers. Some people choose to invite OOT guests too.

    Can have it anywhere really, either set of parents could even host it at their house and either make/have the food catered.

    My parents have expressed wanting to host a RD, don't know quite what that will be yet :-)
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    We had ours at Gluek's in Minneapolis. They have a party room, and the food was yummy. Very laid back bar feel, which is what we were going for. And super affordable. My FIL got the estimate, which was waaaay less than the budget he gave us, and he goes "ummm, is this a typo?" :) So it just depends on what type of feel you're going for and your budget. A lot of restaurants have really good deals and nice party rooms, but pizza at someone's house is perfectly fine too.

    Ditto PP about who's invited. We did WP (which for us included the flower girl and ring bearer, their parents and any siblings), their sig others, and our immediate families.
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    We had ours at the Westin in Edina- they have really nice banquet rooms, and the food was absolutely amazing!  We invited the wedding party, grandparents, and any out of town guests.  For us, this was about 50 people, so a pretty big rehearsal dinner, but we currently live out of town and had a lot of out of town friends and family.  You can pretty much do whatever you want for the rehearsal, making it as casual or formal as you like.  Ours was pretty formal, but we liked it because our block was at the Westin, so all of our out of town guests didn't have to drive anywhere.  HTH!
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