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Any 2013 brides?

Im just curious if there is any yet? It might be a little to early yet!
 If you are then tell where you are in the planning progress?
 Whats your date? Theme? Colors? Do you have a venue yet? ect :)

 Just was curious!


Re: Any 2013 brides?

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    Hi! I am officially now a 2013 bride.  We were planning for a wedding next fall, but after many talks about the future, we decided to put our money toward buying a house next year and saving for a wedding in 2013 (since we're mostly paying for it ourselves). 
    I'm still on TK daily, and I browse a lot of local venues (looking at a couple in Plymouth and DT St. Paul) and such, but haven't considered anything too seriously since we have time.  Luckily...planning for a house and finishing grad school is helping to keep me occupied :)
    We have discussed some things, and we know we want our main colors to be black, red and maybe ivory; I think we'll be having a traditional ceremony, and we just know we want the reception to be one fun party :)

    It's good to know that there are other 2013 brides out there! I get antsy seeing everyone's E-pics and wedding photos, but I'll just enjoy being engaged while we have the time! GL with everything!
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    Hi! I also am a 2013 bride, getting a jump on the planning!

    I am in the same boat as the above poster; we are also saving money for a house next year and having the wedding the year after. We have looked at a couple venues so far and have started to look at more since we found out our number one choice is already booking for 2013!

    I already have a lot of fairly firm ideas in my head for what I want for decorations (rustic chic) and colors (yellow, gray, tiffany blue, and a little peach), but I am waiting a little while to get started on anything.

    Sometimes I feel bad because I look at TK daily as well, like I am not supposed to until a year before the wedding. But, I figure that the more planning I do now, the less stressful the whole process will be!
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    Yes. Dec 2013. We know what venue. Just need to book it. Ceremony and reception in same place. We have our guest list ready. Just editing it as we go along. 

    My colors will probably be light pink, ivory and accents of silver. 

    The only things I've bought so far are the guest book and program paper from Michael's. 

    I'm on here everyday getting inspiration for mine. There have been brides on here engaged for years, so don't say your not supposed to be on here! 
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    The only thing I forgot is figure out flowers, though I know I'm doing myself, but will have my bouquet professionaly done. Then comes my dress, but I am waiting till about one year. 
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    I'm not a "bride" (already was) But planning a 7 year vow renewal and have been on the boards to find great ideas!

    We will celebrate the first weekend in Oct. 2013 (havent decided if we will do Friday or Sat yet) and right now we are looking for our Venue. I had one picked out till they switched stuff around on me and we can no longer have it there. Its down to either a Vineyard or Target Field. <---I know two completely different venues.

    The theme of what we are going for is modern rustic and the colors I want to do are deep dark red, deep purples and ivory.

    We've booked two of the most amazing vendors: Spencer Combs for Photography and Matt w/Capture Studios. Super excited as our wedding photos were not very good and we didnt have a video and I've regretted that decision.
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    Thats soo awesome!! Congrats ladies!
     We also are buying a house in 2012!
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    May 18th, 2013!  My situation is a little different as I live in Phoenix, but I am getting married in Minnesota, so the earlier we start the easier it will be to plan a wedding accross the country.  We were in Minnesota for a week and just got back last night.  I bought my dress on Monday :-) Pictures Soon!  We looked at 6 Venues because most places in the cities are BOOKED for 2012 and are starting to book for 2013.  We have narrowed it down to 2 venues for reception/ceremony.  We have also booked our Photographer and Videographer to make sure we get everything set for our date.

    Happy Planning!
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    I am! Fall 2013. We want a house then get married!!
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    Woot Woot! My date is Nov 1st, 2013 (day after halloween)!
    I'm already wedding planning! I've everything in my head, so now I just have 2 years to make it real!
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    Aiming for May or June 2013 now since my parents aren't in a place to help contribute for our original June 2012 wedding. Almost all of my stuff is done because of original date, but we plan to switch our Ceremony/Reception venue so we'll be letting the rest of our vendors know of the new date and venue in the next couple months hopefully :-)
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    i'm a 2013 bride :) booked the chuch, reception hall (profile event center (: ) and photographer.
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    Hi! Similar situation as a few other brides- we want to buy house in 2012 and will be paying for our wedding so it made sense for us to wait until 2013! So excited and it will be here before we know it! We are also both attending grad school and have full time jobs so all in all need to space our big life events out a bit :)

    Just got engaged on 9.24.2011 so we are starting to plan- looking at venues in Downtown Minneapolis (it's harder than we thought to find a reception space for 300 people)

    We are having such a fun time looking at the posts- will be such an exciting few years!

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