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What are people's experiences at the Wedding Shoppe? I have a bridal appt there in a few weeks but am coming from out of state and have never been there.

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    I haven't gone there for bridal, but I went through them for my bridesmaid dresses.  It was a really great experience.  They were professional and helped me pick dresses that encompassed what I was looking for.  I suppose the only thing I didn't really like was that they had recently come out with their own line of exclusive dresses and they were pushing hard for my girls to try them.  It wasn't overly pushy, but you could tell that they were instructed to sell those dresses.

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    I loved my bridal dress shopping experience with them. They had a variety of dresses in my size (plus size) and there was a Maggie Sottero trunk show going on and I was able to snag my dress for about $400 off. My consultant was new, but you could tell she was a great employee. My shopping experience there with bridesmaids dresses last weekend was awful. The consultant was fantastic, but every dress my girls liked only came in a size 6 or 8 sample. They were fairly pushy with their new Kennedy Blue line (which in my opinion...looks way better online). I understand they can't carry every dress in every size, but I mean come on! My one bridesmaid is average height and weight and couldn't try much on.
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    I've been there as a BM and a bride.  I agree with pp about the sizes of the bridesmaid gowns.  That was kind of a bummer that I couldn't try a single thing on.

    As a bride, I thought they were really great.  I had lots of personal attention and they seemed to be really in tune to what I said I liked and didn't like in gowns. 
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    I had a great experience, I wanted something informal and not  the normal big white dress and they were so great to work with. She listented and bought a handful of dressing and I ended up buying the first one I tried on.
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     I had a great experience there. I thought the staff was nice and I did like the selection of dresses they had to choose from. 
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    I was just there over the weekend of bridesmaid dresses. It was a great experience!
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    For my Bridal I had a really great experience, very helpful.  For my bridesmaids I thought it was very unorganized and the consultant barely helped me with anything. 

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    I had a pretty good experience when I went by myself for bridal gowns, but the bridesmaid experience was pretty bad. They kind of shoved us in a room and hurried us through the entire appointment without helping pick out styles. They have a large selection though, so we ended up buying the BM dresses there.
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    I loved wedding dress shopping with them.

    But as for bridesmaid dress shopping and ordering it was horrible. They they all of my girls buy dresses 2 sizes if not larger than what they really are. All of them are having to get their dresses taken in. They also were very rude and doubled up appointments when we made out appointment to go in. It was very frustrating and I understand that you would rather go up a size than too small but to have every single girl absolutely swimming in their dresses is just wrong.
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    Not good at all. I was a BM in a friend's wedding, and they ordered my dress in the wrong size. They refused to do anything about it, I would have expected at a minimum that they would have provided free alterations.

    For my wedding, we shopped there for BM dresses, and they said to have  them by my wedding date (5 months out), we would have to pay full price plus an additional $35 to "rush" the order. The next day, I contacted NetBride. They could get me the same BM dresses that we saw at the Wedding Shoppe, for 40% off of what the Wedding Shoppe was charging, and they could guarantee delivery by our wedding date without a "rush" fee. So needless to say, we went with NetBride. The dresses arrived about 4 weeks after we ordered them, so there certainly was no need for a rush order or fee, and it bothers me that Wedding Shoppe said we needed to pay one.

    There have  been several Knotties who have said their alterations department is bad, and that if you do buy dresses from them, get your alterations done elsewhere. There are lots of good recommendations on this board for other good places to get alterations...

    I have also seen a lot of Knotties say they have had bad experiences when shopping on the weekends as they get so busy and it is just hard to get good service then. We went on a weeknight to look at BM dresses, and it was just fine then, not too busy and we got good attention.

    I didn't like was that their BM dress area was in the basement and it felt like a basement. It was sad that it wasn't a cuter area...it felt musty and detracted from the experience.

    I am just not a fan...

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    I went there to find my wedding dress and my experience wasn't that great.  I was not a fan of the associate who worked with me and needless to say I bought my dress elsewhere.  Our Shop in Stillwater is where I ended up getting my dress and the experience was wonderful!  At Our Shop they made me feel special, at the Wedding Shoppe I felt like I was just another appointment they were rushing to get through (and I went on a Monday afternoon when they weren't busy).  

    For my bridesmaid dresses, I am actually getting them from Target.com.  They sell bridesmaid dresses and you can order them to see if you like them, then return them to the store if you don't.  I planning my MN wedding from CO so this was a great way to go with my BM being in all different states!

    Good luck, based on what everyone else is saying your appointmnet will probably be just fine!
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