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Honeymoon Ideas

We are not sure where to go for our honeymoon in August, any suggestions? 

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  • Well that depends on a few things! Do you have a "type" of HM you are looking for? Like a tropical relaxing HM, or adventure filled, snowy and wintery, etc? That might help giving suggestions. :)
  • Ditto MuSu. Also, what's your budget?
  • I think we want to enjoy a relaxing tropical type honeymoon, with some options to do some site seeing. It wouldn't necessarily have to be trocipal, as future husband does not like to lay out in the sun like I do.  Even if there were ideas in the US to relax and enjoy.   Budget, we want to keep it reasonable.   
  • We got married last August and we went to Ireland. It was a wonderful place in August since it wasn't too hot. We rented a car and drove all around. It was a very memorable and romantic trip. 
  • I think August would be a great time to go to to Napa, Sonoma or anywhere else in California's wine country.
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    [QUOTE]We got married last August and we went to Ireland. It was a wonderful place in August since it wasn't too hot. We rented a car and drove all around. It was a very memorable and romantic trip. 
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    Jealous!! My aunt and uncle went to Ireland earlier this year and it made me want to go even more!

    If you go during the summer (ETA: reading fail, you're going in Aug.. lol), there are some places on the east coast I've enjoyed going to but I'm not sure about honeymooning there. Ocean City MD and NJ are both pretty nice, as well as Atlantic City NJ. I've been to Seaside Heights NJ which was nice but since apparently that's where Jersey Shore is taped, I'd probably avoid it now.. haha.

    I agree with PP about Napa or some areas in Cali. FI and I enjoy wine so going to Napa would be awesome! Cali has pretty good weather year round too depending on where you go of course.

    Hawaii is always a good option. I've only been to Oahu but I liked it! I want to go to Maui or another island someday.

    If you're thinking more exotic, I always have to throw Costa Rica out there. I went there in HS and it is just amazing! We stayed in very eco friendly places so they were cheap. One place we stayed was called La Leona and was tents overlooking the beach. Nothing like sleeping with the breeze coming in and listening to the waves! A couple was actually on their honeymoon while we were there. They were annoyed with the group of high school kids so watch out for that ;-)

    Hope that gave you some ideas!
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  • For tropical I'd recommend St. Lucia, its absolutely beautiful and there is plenty to do and that time of the year it will be less expensive.
    We have family and friends who stayed at these two hotels and I've included a site seeing website too.


    For US I'd recommend Santa Barbara, CA. My sister lives in Orange County and her husband and her visit frequently. They say its just as nice as Sonoma/Napa valley but less expensive. Sonoma/Napa will be very expensive in Aug., just FYI.

    Good luck! HTH
  • Oh I love the napa valley idea. That would be a great time of year to be there when it is warm and can still be relaxing with lots of things to do. :)
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