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***may2010wedding*** Blue Crystals!


So I looked up blue crystal centerpieces for you and tracked down what I think are really beautiful ones!

Email me or PM me with your email address if you want more info.

Here are some pics:

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Option #4


Re: ***may2010wedding*** Blue Crystals!

  • Bimbi284Bimbi284 member
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    ooooooooooooh those are purty!
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    They are all so pretty. I think my fav would be option 3!

    I will have to check how the pearl earrings look with the dress to decide what to use on the strands of the bracelet. I have a fitting on the 15th of april and could let you know after that. I hope that would be enough time.
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  • drdifabiodrdifabio member
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    Ha of course you picked the most expensive one :)

    Here is the cost breakdown for them - i.e. what they are listed for online:

    1 = $7
    2 = $7
    3 = $29
    4 = $12

    Totally no rush on my side except that these are on ebay so wont be there forever (in fact some will be gone by later today) - if you know one that you like we can buy it now and then figure out the pearl crystal combo later. Too if you dont want to decide today I am sure we can track down more later.

    Feel free to email me to if that is easier!
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