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Program - Grandparents Question

I'm working on my programs right now & I'm having a little problem.

My grandpa passed away a few years ago.  I want to list both my grandma, (who is still living), & my grandpa, in the Grandparents of Bride section.

Right now I have...
Grandparents of Bride... Grandma B & the late Grandpa B.

Does that look/sound weird?  Is there anyway to list a deceased grandparent there?

Also, I understand that the function of the program is supposed to be to help identify the significant players to the guests & that it may be confusing to list someone who is no longer living.  But, my grandpa held a very significant role in my life, (and still does), so I feel it appropriate to list him. 

TIA ladies!

Re: Program - Grandparents Question

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    My husband's father, all of my husband's grandparents and 3/4 of my grandparents are deceased, so we only listed the parents and grandparents who were living. We had a separate section for those who had passed:

    We Remember
    In loving memory of those who could not be with us today:

    Father of the Groom
    Dennis _________

    Grandparents of the Bride
    Martin __________
    Thomas and Ruth _________

    Grandparents of the Groom
    Frank and Angela _________
    Frank and Frances _________
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    Ditto Beka.  This is exactly what we're doing for FI's dad and my grandparents that are deceased. 
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    Typically it is done with a statement at the end of the program to honor those that have passed away, but I personally think that how you'd like to do it sounds just fine too. As is the answer to many questions, it's your wedding, do it how you wish to.
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    Thanks ladies!  = )
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    Andrea, ditto the PP we are doing a "In honor of those who have passed away and could not be in attendence with us today there are blah blah blah - Bride's Grandparents: NAMES Bride's Godparents: NAMES Groom's Grandparents" NAMES"
    I have seen (at my BF's wedding) where she wrote something about each person that had passed away that was special to her/her husband - a memory or even something along the lines of "every day I follow the words my grandfather taught me at a young age "blah blah blah"" .
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