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XP: In need of a cute little saying..

Instead of having people klink their glasses to get us to kiss, I like the idea of having the person stand up and tell us a story or a memory that they have of us. My plan is to order VP business cards and put them at each place setting, but i'm not sure what to put on them... any ideas??

Re: XP: In need of a cute little saying..

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    This is just me, but I would just be straightforward instead of trying to think of a cutesy saying. Something along the lines of "Instead of clinking your glasses, if you'd like to see the newlyweds share a kiss, please stand up and share a memory you have of the two of them."

    Have you thought of the logistics of it? You might want to include something like "please borrow the DJ's microphone and share a memory" instead of "please stand up" ... HTH.
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    Agree with PP, I think if you try to find a cute saying people will just clink their glasses... we went to a wedding last month that wanted people to do something for a kiss and the crowd just ignored it and kept clinking away... The bride didn't care, she said it was nice to be able to kiss your hubby, and most people respected the time during dinner when the Bride and Groom were still eating.
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    Generally, I wouldn't think twice about it, but knowing my family, they will do it the ENTIRE time of dinner and I don't want to come off rude by ignoring it. I think your right though, about the saying, Ill just keep it simple  :)  Thanks for your help ladies.

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    I would just do it once, and then ignore. Only do it more if you want to.
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